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Remote Support of Mobile

The Most Secure Remote Desktop App for Mobile Devices


The Most Secure Remote Desktop App for Mobile Devices

Impero's class-leading remote desktop app lets you securely access your workforce's tablets, mobile equipment, Windows devices and Android phones from anywhere. Our powerful KVM and touchscreen control technologies give you and your IT support team full remote access to any mobile device in your system – as if you were holding it in the palm of your hand. Find out how Impero's remote access app can increase your team's productivity and ensure maximum uptime.

Enterprise Remote Desktop Application for Android and Windows Devices

Impero Connect allows you to instantly support your mobile workforce no matter what devices they're using. Our remote desktop app supports all Windows mobile devices in addition to providing easy remote access to Android from a PC.


The app's beauty lies in its simplicity. By using a consolidated solution, you'll have everything you need to remotely support your team in the same place. It even works with older platforms, saving you time and money by supporting your entire team across mobile devices and software versions right out of the box.

Remote Mobile Access with Unparalleled Security


Like all Impero products, our remote desktop app offers industry-leading security and encryption. The detailed access and control settings mean you'll always know exactly who has access to which devices. Plus, user and group management is centralized into a single, easily accessible location – allowing you to quickly assign and revoke access on a device-by-device, user-by-user basis.

With the threat of cyberattacks always looming, Impero Connect offers end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption. Privileged access controls ensure only approved IT support and end-users can access the mobile device. Complete audit logs and custom reporting come standard with Impero Connect so you'll always be able to resolve mobile issues quickly and troubleshoot any suspicious activity effectively.

A Remote Desktop App that Goes Both Ways

Time is precious. Impero Connect maximizes workforce-wide efficiency by allowing remote access in both directions. Once installed on a mobile device, Impero's remote desktop app also allows mobile users to remotely control desktops, servers, and other assets instantly from their mobile devices.


Other remote access solutions let you troubleshoot issues in the field from your desktop, but the Impero Connect mobile apps let you troubleshoot any device issues while on the move as well. Try Impero's remote mobile access solution and watch as traveling to and from user's locations becomes a thing of the past – and your productivity and margins increase.

Impero Connect offers an Android App that lets users access desktops, servers and remotely deployed devices from their smartphone or tablet! Download it free at Google Play 

Full-featured remote mobile support

  • Agile remote control

    Transfer the screen and input controls of the remote device.

  • Smart program management

    launch programs on the remote device and allow support staff to maintain a library of common programs for quick access.

  • Fast file transfer

    Manage files including moving, syncing and cloning data with crash recovery and transfer options.

  • Advanced scripting

    Schedule remote connections and tasks including file transfers, inventory scans and program execution.

  • Complete system information

    Collect inventory and detailed asset information such as installed software, network information, processor details and battery status.

  • Instant chat and messaging

    Use two-way text chat to communicate with end users during a remote support session or push out pop-up messages to remote users.

  • Secure access control

    Local and centralized authentication with Impero's services or by snapping into existing directories.

  • Snapshot storage

    Capture remote screens and send them directly to a local clipboard or save for future reference.

  • Complete logging and encryption

    Full audit trails of remote sessions and industry-leading encryption.

  • Multi-language versions

    English, French, Russian and Danish

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Some of the world's largest banks choose Impero Connect to increase uptime and reduce costs. Find out why.

Device support & downloads

Impero Connect gives you a single, consolidated solution for managing and supporting your Windows Mobile users as well as workstations, servers, POS and production technology.

Visit our download page to get Impero Connect for Windows Mobile.

Versions – Please check the most recent requirements in the Knowledge Base

Impero supports a broad range of  Android devices.

Download the app from the Google Play store.

Remote Control, file transfer, chat and inventory

  • Samsung devices running Android 4.0 or later, including Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
  • Sony devices running Android 2.3 or later, from Xperia S onward
  • LG/LGE devices
  • Lenovo
  • Intermec
  • Mitac
  • MioCare (=Mitac)
  • Hannspree
  • Bluebird
  • Fieldbook
  • Unitech
  • Ecom/SonimTech and Askey (Coppernic C-One device)
  • Freescale
  • Devices using the SDK signature
  • Archos:  AllWinner, Rockchip, Qualcomm and mtk

Screen transfer, file transfer, chat and inventory

  •  Other devices running Android 2.3 or later.
  • For screen transfer, Android version should be 5.0 or above.


WebConnect, TCP/IP and UDP