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Impero surveyed more than 2,000 secondary school children about their use of mobile phones and other Internet-connected devices, inside and outside school. The findings point to a need for intelligent, balanced safeguarding solutions tailored to pupils’ requirements across different ages when it comes to managing devices in school.

From various types of support to technology in the classroom, there are many ways a school can make teachers’ lives easier so that they can keep students on a positive learning track in a productive and safe environment.

Behavioral Intent Alerting is included in Impero’s ContentKeeper comprehensive Reporting and Analytics solution. The
technology scrutinizes students’ Internet searches for indicators of potentially harmful behavior, then delivers real-time alerts to designated administrators so they can follow up as appropriate.

In 2021 alone, 62 school districts experienced ransomware attacks, resulting in learning disruptions at 1,043 individual schools. The numbers are trending upwards and it's only getting worse. The white paper discusses the anatomy of a K-12 ransomware attack and how to combat it with a defense-in-depth strategy.

The internet plays an integral part in children and young people’s lives. And while there are numerous benefits that come with exploring this digital world, there are also risks.

In line with Safer Internet Day, we’ve worked with online safeguarding specialist Charlotte Aynsley to create some useful resources for your staff and parents.

In this e-book, we spoke with experts to give teachers, administrators and other school leaders tangible resources and tips on how to identify troubling behavior in online environments — including signs of mental health issues, child abuse/neglect and cyberbullying — so that they can act quickly.