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GDPR Compliance Checklist

This resource is your comprehensive guide to achieving and maintaining GDPR compliance within remote access operations. Explore a practical checklist designed to fortify your organization's adherence to regulatory standards, with a special focus on GDPR.

HIPAA Compliance Checklist

Learn how Impero Connect supports our HIPAA-covered customers and safeguards patient privacy with advanced data encryption and granular access rights.

PCI DSS Compliance Checklist

Learn what's expected of businesses that are held accountable to PCI compliance standards and how Impero Connect ensures that your remote access solution will meet the most stringent PCI requirements.

Third-Party Vendor Access

This guide covers best practices for third-party vendor access, tools for setting up a vendor management program, how to best secure sensitive data, and what to do in circumstances when the security of your third-party remote access has been compromised.

10 Common Remote Access Errors to Avoid

Cybercriminals know how to exploit the mistakes and errors in the way remote access is used. This guide covers ten of the most common misconfigurations that IT teams should be able to recognize and correct.

8 Must-Have Remote Desktop Features

Remote connections are more important than ever as networks become more distributed - however, they have become a common target for hackers. Most of the basic remote access tools like RDP, VNC, TeamViewer and LogMeIn have weaknesses that can put your business at risk. Learn the 8 essential capabilities your remote access software should have to stay secure.

Data Privacy Beyond GDPR & CCPA: Best Practices for Remote Access

Whether your company is already compliant with GDPR and CCPA or planning to be, one thing is clear: inaction is not an option. At least 11 U.S. states will soon pass data privacy laws, with more states and countries soon to follow. Implement these best practices before the next wave of compliance rules.

Retail ROI Workbook - How to Calculate the Value of Remote Access

Retail modernization is not just about ecommerce. Retailers of all sizes use technology behind the scenes to improve business agility - including remote access software. With this free workbook, you will be able to calculate the ROI of remote access software for retail.

VPN vs Remote Access Software: a Checklist for Keeping Your Network Secure

Is a VPN the best solution for your remote connections, or do you need a more secure approach? Download this checklist to discover the most common concerns about VPN vulnerabilities and the benefits of secure remote access.

Securing Remote Access: Basic and Advanced Strategies

Hackers and cyber-criminals continue to favor remote access tools as an entry point into their victims' networks. Read this free workbook to review the basic security practices every business should follow and learn the advanced measures IT professionals take to ensure security at every stage of a remote access session.

Securing Remote Access to Manufacturing Technology

In manufacturing, some environments are either too dangerous or too sensitive to allow unrestricted access. Remote control software opens the door, boosting productivity without compromising the safety of workers or equipment. This paper shows how it can conserve time and effort, cut the travel budget and up the pace of action, even where connectivity is limited. With multi-factor authentication and customizable authorization layers, remote software also supports a comprehensive, multi-tiered security strategy.

Your Custom ROI of ATM Support Workbook

ATM uptime is critical, and supporting your ATM fleet is a necessary expense. However, we’re willing to bet that you’re spending far too much on unnecessary service trips to ATM sites. Download our free workbook to find out how many costly service trips you can avoid and determine your ROI of remote ATM support.

Device Security Survey 2022

This survey finds that one in five employees in the UK have been directly involved in a security breach or loss of sensitive data. Researchers queried 2,000 employees across four industries that process sensitive data: financial services, healthcare, education, retail, and manufacturing.

Embedded Devices and Data Thieves

The use of embedded devices is on the rise but embedded security remains a weak link. For many companies, basic security deficiencies are the norm, a fact borne out by the number of hacks in the headlines. This paper explores the methods that data thieves rely on to crack embedded devices and presents a model for a multi-layer security strategy.

Build with Secure Remote Access from the Start

Despite security risks, for most enterprises, locking down remote access is not viable as it continues to be an essential tool. Download the whitepaper for a full discussion of the benefits of secure access methods for manufacturing, finance, retail and healthcare devices.