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Secure and reliable remote access for healthcare


Remote Access Solutions for Healthcare IT Services

Medical professionals depend on medical IT support to do their work in hospitals and clinics, including insurance and research. Across the industry, they need stability, efficiency, and security - monitoring specialized medical devices, sending patient data, processing claims, and more.

Impero offers better remote access solutions for all healthcare IT services. Whether it's sending patient data through secure, encrypted channels or remotely monitoring specialized medical devices, Impero's suite of HIPAA-compliant remote access software offers more features without sacrificing security.

Versatile IT Support for Healthcare Professionals

  • Provide secure remote support for all connected medical devices

  • Regional Support for Healthcare IT Services

  • Increase uptimes for critical devices

  • Offer remote access for healthcare databases and directories while fully complying with HIPPA, PHI, and ISO

  • Reduce call times for medical IT support

We're With You

Impero understands the stringent security and privacy demands within healthcare and provides tools that help you get more done in less time - all while exceeding industry compliance standards. 

Secure remote access for your IT team

Impero Connect consolidates your IT department, eliminates cost-prohibitive travel, saves time and lowers your overhead. It’s stable, streamlined, versatile and secure. In fact, there’s no solution more secure.


Secure and Reliable Healthcare Remote Access

Impero provides unparalleled security and reliability for healthcare IT services. By reducing downtime and wait times, you can ensure that patients and doctors get the vital support they need when they need it. Impero’s remote desktop software is stable, streamlined, flexible and secure. In fact, it’s the most secure solution available.

  • Downtime is a risk factor:

    Make sure your IT staff is equipped with the features needed to provide immediate remote support for your technology and for the people whose health depends on it.

  • Deliver healthcare IT services faster.

    Impero’s full-featured healthcare toolset helps your IT support team react and respond quickly to requests.

  • Protect your patients, protect yourself.

    Patient confidentiality is sacred. Impero helps you protect it with HIPAAcompliant security, comprehensive event logging and market-leading encryption.

  • Protect patients, protect your organization.

    Impero goes above and beyond to ensure patient confidentiality is fully encrypted by exceeding HIPPA compliance and security standards.

  • Work across platforms, devices and networks.

    From mobile phones to specialized devices, as long as it includes an operating system and an internet connection, your IT staff can support it with Impero.

  • Cross-network, cross-platform and cross-device compatibility.

    Impero facilitates better healthcare IT services delivery by offering market-leading compatibility – letting you offer remote support to any device running any platform.

  • Comprehensive control over who sees what.

    Impero lets you manage access rights centrally, so everyone in your system, from doctors to Help Desk, has the privileges they need, no less, no more.

  • Sophisticated user management and permissions.

    Impero’s remote access for healthcare is centrally managed, ensuring you know exactly who has access to sensitive data at all times.

  • Costs fall, productivity rises.

    All your remote needs, one solution. Fewer call centers, and lower costs. Impero helps your IT staff do more, faster, with less.

  • Costs fall, productivity rises.

    Fulfilling all your healthcare remote access needs with one solution means fewer call centers and lower costs. Impero helps your IT staff do more with less.

Do More with Less

Find out how Impero’s remote access for healthcare IT services can improve productivity and security for your healthcare network. Review Impero’s HIPAA compliance workflow for healthcare IT services.

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