Impero Connect


Introduction To The Impero Portal

A brief introduction to the Impero Connect Portal, providing secure remote access from your browser

Impero Connect Overview

Everything you need to know about Impero Connect in 61 seconds.

Impero Connect Product Demonstration

A product demonstration of Impero Connect

Impero Connect on Toshiba 4690 OS

See Impero Connect in action on the Toshiba 4690 Operating System

ServiceNow Integration

Resolve incidents faster, and more securely, with Impero Connect

Intel vPro Support

Initiate a secure, out-of-band connection to a device, even with a malfunctioning operating system using Impero Connect and Intel vPro AMT

Access Devices from a Browser

With Impero's HTML5 support interface, ITSM representatives can quickly and easily remote control Windows-enabled devices through an Internet browser

Impero Security Overview

With thousands of customers throughout the world, Impero Connect is the industry's most trusted and secure remote access solution

Consolidate Support Resources

Lower maintenance costs, increase workflow efficiency, and improve security by consolidating into a single remote access solution

Support Embedded Devices

Impero Connect's comprehensive solution enables companies to securely and remotely support their embedded devices

Improve Operational Efficiencies

Shortening support sessions by a few seconds, or a few minutes, equates to significant cost savings in today's ITSM departments

External Management Made Easy

Impero Connect makes it easy to control vendor access, access to specific devices, monitor activity and maintain audit trails


Optimize Screen Transfer Speeds

Adjustment the Impero Guest module to optimize screen transfer speeds when remotely connecting to a target device over a slow network connection

Configure the WebConnect Communication Profile

Impero WebConnect is a secure web based communication that relies on the Connection Manager and Connection Server

Adding a License Key to the Guest & Host

Adding license keys to existing installations of the Impero Connect Host & guest modules

Installing the Guest

The Guest module is used by service desk representatives to connect to and provide support to an end user's device

Configure Host for the Browser-Based Support Console

 Configure the Impero Host to support the new browser based support console so ITSM representatives can quickly and easily remote control Windows-enabled devices through an Internet browser

Installing the Host

The Host module is installed on target devices (e.g. an end user's laptop) so the machine can be remotely supported