Impero Connect

Case Study: Sigma Financial Group


After a free trial, Sigma knew they had found the right solution.

The Sigma Financial Group provides diverse customer contact services to the UK’s leading businesses. Senior Systems Administrator Ben Bowen describes the key reasons why Sigma chose Impero Connect as their system-wide remote access solution.

Secure Vendor Access

“Our software vendors need to remotely access our network to support their products. This happens on a weekly, sometimes daily basis. Guaranteeing secure access via two-factor authentication is key to this process, as well as the ability to log and audit any remote connections. This way we know exactly who is connecting, when, and for how long.”

PCI Compliance

“We previously used a variety of remote connection tools to manage vendor access. Some vendors would use TeamViewer, some would use LogMeIn, etc. However, these tools weren’t particularly feature-rich, and a recent PCI audit highlighted weaknesses in this approach. That’s when we started to look for an alternative solution.

Much of our work involves managing customer payments, so PCI DSS compliance is an absolute must. That’s where Impero Connect really comes into its own. Every remote session is logged in full and screen recording ensures we can see all vendor activity during these sessions.”

Centralized Management

“With Impero, we can simply direct our vendors to an online portal, so no software needs to be installed or configured on their side. We centrally manage the vendor accounts and decide who should be granted secure access to our systems and when.”

The Right Features at the Right Price

“With the combination of features and cost, Impero was the most attractive solution. Our free trial of Impero Connect was a success, and this quickly settled our decision. We knew we definitely wanted the product as it’s a perfect fit for our requirements. We are currently expanding the implementation to grant select users remote access to their workstations – instead of using a VPN to access our network, they will use Impero to remotely control their desktop PCs.”

Outstanding Support

“The quality of support we’ve received from Impero and their UK partner, Maitek Solutions has been excellent, even during the free trial process. Every time we raise an issue, no matter how small, the response is almost immediate.”