Impero Connect

Case Study: Region Zealand


Secure Remote Control Saves Lives in Region Zealand

Region Zealand uses Impero Connect to provide IT support to healthcare employees in critical patient situations where fast technical support saves lives.

Since 2007, Region Zealand\’s IT department has used Impero\’s consolidated remote control solution to support 13,000 healthcare employees. The solution – a single tool for all remote control tasks – is embedded in Region Zealand\’s IT support processes, and has brought the organization up to date with a number of demanding security and compliance requirements.

Scalable Security

Beyond regulatory compliance, Region Zealand had a number of remote control needs that required additional consideration and capability. IT support manager Claus Høgenhaug, Region Zealand, is pleased with the Impero solution and how it addresses the higher level of capability required.

“Several suppliers offer remote control. But what makes the Impero platform stand out is that it is an all-in-one solution which, in addition to user-friendly remote control tools, also contains integrated, advanced security tools that are scalable,\” said Høgenhaug. \”This helps protect our IT environment and data and help us to live up to various security standards.”

According to Høgenhaug, the Impero solution offers all the security capabilities such a large organization needs. “We adhere to ISO 2700x certification so it is important for us to be able to see who has done what. This is possible with Impero while giving us easy control over both access and user rights,” he explains.

Life-Saving Remote Control

According to Høgenhaug, Region Zealand will save resources, safeguard productivity, and reduce costs by working with Impero Connect. But he is quick to point out the top priority: these initiatives mean that patients will receive even better service in the future.

“If IT security is compromised, patients may suffer. Therefore we must ensure employees at the hospitals and psychiatric units can quickly obtain help. Ultimately, our remote control solution can save lives,” says Høgenhaug.

Region Zealand is also expanding remote control to include mobile users outside their local network.

“Reliability, security and speed are crucial for the help desk consultants when taking over a user’s computer,\” said Høgenhaug. \”We are already seeing this when supporting users on the network – and with Impero we will ensure that this will also be possible with users outside the network.”

Easy Large Scale Deployment

For a large organization such as Region Zealand, it\’s important that as remote control functionality is expanded, the level of security is also scaled to meet growing requirements.

“We are a large organization and we needed a remote control solution that meets our growing needs,” says Høgenhaug. “With Impero, security levels have kept pace and everything was easy to roll out. Impero has it all.”

Ease of deployment matched with unparalleled security was precisely the combination Region Zealand was looking for in a remote control solution.

“We need the capability to protect every single one of our 13,000 workstations. The security tools in Impero Connect give us a huge advantage but don’t demand a great deal in terms of resources to roll it out – even though the roll-out is taking place on a very large scale,” explains Høgenhaug.

“In my view, Impero clearly saves resources for us. And the value we create by expanding to mobile remote control combined with easy implementation means that the investment is paying off.”

About Region Zealand

Region Zealand is one of the five regions in Denmark. It is comprised of 17 municipalities and provides healthcare for 821,000 people. Region Zealand serves as the driving force of regional development and as an operational enterprise in the area of healthcare and social affairs. Each year more than 675,000 outpatient treatments are performed at the hospitals in the region and 165,000 patients are hospitalized and treated.

It is the vision of Region Zealand to provide the very best in health services. Part of making this vision a reality includes providing secure remote IT assistance to healthcare employees in critical patient situations – regardless of where the employee is located.