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Case Study: OMRON Social Solutions

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How OMRON Social Solutions uses Impero Connect

About OMRON Social Solutions

OMRON Social Solutions, based in Tokyo, has supported society with advanced technologies, including the world’s first automated fare collection system, developed in 1967.

OMRON Social Solutions pursues improvement in safety, convenience and robustness in infrastructure through the supply of transport management systems and infrastructure monitoring systems. Also, by providing PV inverters and storage batteries for use with solar power systems, OMRON Social Solutions is helping promote the use of renewable energy. This can contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions as we aim to create a low-carbon society.

How OMRON Social Solutions uses Impero Connect

With the formation of a large network of automated railway systems and ticket machines, railway companies needed a way to access and service hundreds of widely installed devices. To efficiently operate them, OMRON Social Solutions proposed and introduced Impero Connect to the remote monitoring center.

When customers need support, on-site staff can usually support them in person at larger stations. However, many smaller stations are unattended, so staff need a way to provide the same level of support using remote technology.


When customers push the intercom button, OMRON Social Solutions staff use Impero Connect to initiate a connection and provide service. If a train is canceled, for example, station staff can use Impero to immediately stop selling tickets on the canceled line.

OMRON Social Solutions also uses Impero Connect to resolve errors and support exist fare machines, IC card charge machines and control systems. Additionally, staff can conveniently change settings and transfer data remotely, confirming how many tickets are sold and how much change is available in the machines.


OMRON Social Solutions saves on transportation costs and increases efficiency by using Impero Connect. Their technical staff can troubleshoot even the most distant locations remotely, saving time and costs. With the flexibility of Impero Connect, they are prepared to support the next generation of operating systems and improve customer experience even further.