the benefits

speedy response

Impero Remote Manager remote access software speeds up the response time of technical support teams, helping organisations to avoid disruptive downtime throughout the day. Whether on or off the network, users will be dealt with directly, without delay, when it comes to IT support. Fixes, updates or demonstrations can be carried out as soon as the requirement is identified. Users are no longer left twiddling their thumbs waiting for the next available technician.

increased productivity

With remote access a speedy response means increased productivity, as teachers have more time to teach, students have more time to learn and workers can focus on the tasks they’re paid to do. And, with a better long term approach to technical healthcare, they can do this using reliable software and hardware that won’t let them down. This increased productivity will allow organisations to do more, without increasing headcount, creating a much more efficient and effective environment.

healthy bank balance

Increased productivity helps maintain a healthy bank balance and the initial investment pays for itself as organisations are able to do more with less. Impero Remote Manager remote access software is extremely competitive when it comes to pricing, with each licence including a mix of ‘roaming’ and ‘fixed’ installations, as well as free ongoing technical support. So to support your network anywhere, anytime, without breaking the bank, give us a call.

reduced risk

Safety is integral to Impero Remote Manager remote access software, with impenetrable encryption securing the organisation’s data at all times. The hybrid cloud technology defaults to a local connection, keeping data inside the organisation where possible, and the ‘roaming’ support model requires user permission before remote access is granted. Sharing PC control means sharing data, so we’ve done everything possible to ensure tight security and avoid business risk.