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Superior security

No matter the industry, the majority of network data breaches occur through unsecured remote access points. The security features built into Impero Connect Remote Access Software are designed from the ground up to exceed even the most stringent security and compliance standards — all while retaining the flexibility to be fully customised to meet the needs of your business.


Flexible connectivity

Maintaining multiple remote access paths is costly and increases your network vulnerability.  Impero Connect Remote Access Software allows you to consolidate access with one solution for supporting devices and end users across your network and across the Internet.

Customisable security credentials and multi-factor authentication give you a single tool for internal and third-party access. Impero Connect Remote Access Software delivers fast, flexible access across device types - all from a single interface.

Reduced costs

Whether attending to mission-critical devices online or supporting end users in your organisation, speed and reliability are essential. Our cross-platform support and modular connectivity options ensure that you can achieve high-speed access into unattended devices and across complex networks using our remote access software.

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Faster service

Impero's top-of-the-line KVM control, combined with seamless cross-platform screen sharing, makes it possible to access any machine within your ecosystem as if you're sitting right in front of it — no matter where you are. That means less time wasted getting where you need to be to address an issue, and more time fixing problems and streamlining support.

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Total compliance

Impero Connect Remote Access Software exceeds compliance standards for GDPR, PCI DSS, the Data Protection Act, and more.


Built for the enterprise

Enterprise tech support teams choose our remote access software because of our proven record of fast, stable connectivity in the most complex environments.