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Protecting students online: creating an effective relationship between IT and Safeguarding

Impero has been creating software for over 20 years that can help individuals stay safe and productive online. Impero Wellbeing is our cloud online safety solution with a keyword library index that contains tens of thousands of keywords which are ...
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MSP Remote Access Tips to Protect Clients

Staying a step ahead of cybercriminals has become a serious challenge. There are nation-state attackers, hacker collectives and opportunists looking for any opening. These days, managed service providers (MSPs) are the top target. MSPs are responsible for managing and protecting ...
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5 Ways to Support Teacher Mental Health This Spring

Spring is approaching and conversations about mental health, well-being, and how to manage it in the upcoming months, are taking now priority. Despite the great weather and the school breaks, spring is actually the season associated with the highest rates of ...
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Identifying, managing, and preventing incidents of peer-on-peer abuse: A video guide recap

For over 20 years Impero has worked closely with schools, organisations, and global child online safety charities to better understand the needs and requirements of educators so we can create solutions that keep children safe from harm. We know how ...
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New Research: 2022 Device Security Survey shows that one in five employees in the UK has been directly involved in a security breach or loss of sensitive data

With cyberattacks against British organisations continuing to tick up, Impero Connect commissioned a survey to investigate how remote work has impacted employees. Researchers queried 2,000 employees across four industries that process sensitive data: financial services, healthcare, education, retail, and manufacturing. The ...
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5 Ways to Recapture Class Time and Keep Students On-Task with Classroom Management Tools

Schools have gone through multiple changes in the way they approach education and teaching methods. Some have gone back to in-person learning while others are adopting blended and hybrid learning long-term. We know that no matter where students are, schools ...
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