Why You Need Classroom Management Software in the Covid World

  Covid-19 has totally changed the education system, presenting teachers with many challenges regarding classroom management. Keeping your students on task can be difficult in…


Covid-19 has totally changed the education system, presenting teachers with many challenges regarding classroom management. Keeping your students on task can be difficult in the physical classroom. Add in online learning to the mix and you get a tougher scenario. During these unprecedented times, managing students whether they’re in-class, hybrid or fully remote is harder than ever. When teachers add classroom management software to their tech tool belt, it makes the distance learning environment a little bit easier.

Allows You to Monitor Screens

With classroom management software, teachers can monitor their student’s screens. Before the pandemic, educators were able to walk around and see what their students were doing on their computers. Now that learning is taking place virtually, that can’t happen. Classroom management software gives teachers eyes on what exactly their students are doing on their computers during class.

Helps Keep Students on Task

Students straying off task is something that happens no matter the learning environment. Classroom management software makes it easier for teachers to keep their students on task. Simple ways teachers can keep their students focused on the task at hand include using a web filter or by locking students onto a specific link that the teacher sends out.

Makes Pushing Out Content Easier

Getting all your students to the right spot during a lesson can be difficult. Thankfully, with classroom management software like Impero Classroom, you can push links out to your students, so they go to the exact web page you want them on. It saves both the teacher and the students a lot of time.

An Easy Way to Redirect Students

Students get distracted and sometimes lose interest in a lesson. When this happens, they start doing things on their computers that they shouldn’t be doing during class time. Classroom management software allows teachers to easily redirect their students with a click of a button.

With Impero Classroom, teachers can freeze their students’ screens. This classroom management software gives the students a visual cue that they need to get back on task. Teachers can follow this up with a vocal cue through whatever video streaming platform they are using.

Allows You to Send Encouraging Messages

Everyone needs some extra encouragement sometimes. Distance learning can be especially tough on students. They may be struggling and feel disconnected. With classroom management software, you can send a quick message to a student or group of students who need some extra encouragement.

About Classroom

Impero Classroom, Impero’s classroom management software, allows teachers to manage and monitor every student’s device at any time and from any location. Students can enjoy excellent online learning experiences with Impero’s classroom management application. When it’s time to focus, teachers can operate websites, form groups, restrict and allow specific websites, and lock screens and the Internet. Classroom features include:

  •     Real-time monitoring
  •     SIS Integration
  •     Send a message
  •     Lock Screen
  •     Broadcast screen
  •     Launch website
  •     Disable internet
  •     Send file
  •     Tab management
  •     Restrict browsing
  •     Disable Sound

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