5 Things Your Students are Doing on Their Devices that You Can’t See

Most educators do not have a live view of all the activity that is happening on their students’ screens. Here are 5 activities that go undetected.

One of the main reasons why teachers look into classroom management software is because they want to be able to see what their students are doing on their school-provided devices; however, did you know that most classroom management software programs only detect student activity inside the browser? This means that most educators do not have a live view of all the activity that is happening on their students’ screens. Below are the five activities that students may be doing on their devices that their teachers are missing.

The 5 Activities That Go Undetected


  • Watching videos – From Youtube to Netflix, and more, students are going to try to watch videos on their devices. Classroom management software makes it easier to catch this behavior and redirect your students to the correct activity.
  • Playing games – In today’s day and age, most students play some sort of videogame. Whether it be Fortnight, Overwatch, Mario Kart, or something completely different, there is a good chance that your students are going to try and play their favorite game on their device while in class.
  • Opening Computer Apps – Oh the APPS! There are so many different apps for your students to choose from. Unless your network administrators block your students’ ability to download apps from the app store, your students are going to download apps and use them during class.
  • Taking Selfies – YUP. The dreaded Selfie. You are dealing with pre-teens and teens. Because most devices have cameras, you can probably count on your students trying to take pictures of themselves or others during class time.
  • Chatting with their friends – Remember the old kind of note-passing where you wrote to your friends by hand? When you add devices to the classroom, note passing turns into students chatting on their devices. Students can be caught chatting in google docs or various messaging apps.

How Do You See What Your Students are Doing? 

So how do you see what your students are doing on their devices while in class? You choose a classroom management software that allows you to not only see the internet tabs on your students’ devices but also allows you to see the whole screen.

With Impero Classroom, you can see what your students are doing on their devices as a whole. You will be able to catch students watching videos, playing games, opening apps, taking selfies, chatting with their friends and so much more. Not only can you catch them doing it, but you can put a stop to the activity by freezing their screens and redirecting them to the correct web pages and activities.

Features of Impero Classroom

Impero’s classroom management software, Impero Classroom is a solution to help teachers manage and monitor any students’ device at anytime and anywhere. With Impero’s classroom management tool, students can have positive learning experiences online. Teachers can run websites, create groups, block and allow specific websites, and lock screens and the internet when it’s time to focus.

Impero Classroom’s features include:

  •     Real-time monitoring
  •     SIS Integration
  •     Send a message
  •     Lock Screen
  •     Broadcast screen
  •     Launch website
  •     Disable internet
  •     Send file
  •     Tab management
  •     Restrict browsing

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