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Impero encourages all customers to stay current with the latest versions of our software. Upgrades and technical support are free for customers who have purchased Impero software within the last year, or who have a current Impero Advantage annual support and upgrade policy.

Please contact Impero customer service or your local Impero partner if you need information on your current Impero product status or want to purchase an upgrade.

Upgrading older versions

Customers using an older version of Impero software may purchase an upgrade to the latest version at the upgrade price, as long as that version has not been terminated by Impero.  Products that have been terminated are not eligible for technical support or upgrade pricing. To upgrade a terminated version you will need to purchase a new license for that software.

All licensed Impero Products are subject to discontinuation and termination and are covered by the Impero Product Lifecycle policy.

Policy on discontinued versions

A product version is discontinued two years after the release of the major version that succeeds it. A discontinued product is available from Impero in a very limited form until it is terminated:

  • The product can still be upgraded.
  • The version is still available for download from the web.
  • New licenses of the discontinued version cannot be purchased.
  • Additional licenses to NOLP agreements cannot be purchased.
  • Impero Advantage Annual Support and Upgrade policies can no longer be purchased.
  • Technical support is no longer available.
  • There is no guarantee that new products will be backward-compatible if released after the discontinuation date.
  • Knowledge Base articles concerning the version will still exist, though not maintained.

Policy on terminated versions

A product version is terminated 12 months after it was discontinued. A terminated product is no longer available from Impero in any form:

  • The product cannot be upgraded.
  • The product cannot be downloaded from the web.
  • Knowledge Base articles concerning the version may still exist, though not maintained.

Customers wishing to upgrade from a terminated version to a new version will need to purchase a new license from Impero.

Our knowledge base is open 24/7 and has answers to a wide range of questions on implementing and using Impero Connect.  Click here to visit the Knowledge Base.