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The School’s Guide to Apps Students Are Using: Top 10 Most Popular & Dangerous

Technology plays a significant role in today’s classrooms. Unfortunately, anonymous messaging apps, random video chats, and other platforms that lock or hide other apps raise safety and security concerns for educators.  Despite efforts to educate students, they don’t always exercise good judgment. Some of the more commonly used apps among students exhibit safety concerns that …

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The Impact of Google’s Manifest V3 on Impero Products

What Is Google Manifest V3?  Google is making changes to how the Chrome web browser works with extensions. Manifest V3 is a significant change from Google, designed to improve the security, privacy, and performance of extensions. Changes will impact how ...
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Impero Connect in AWS Marketplace & ISV Accelerate Program: Remote Connectivity Everywhere

In the digital age, seamless and secure remote connections are not just an option - they're a necessity. Impero Solutions is thrilled to announce that Impero Connect, our flagship remote access solution, is now available on the AWS Marketplace. This ...
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How to Use Technology to Promote Staff Wellbeing

Teachers have long suffered work overload on top of their classroom management and student safeguarding. As a result, their health and wellbeing have declined, and many are looking for other career paths. Earlier this month, a report was released citing ...
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How Parents Can Promote Responsible Digital Citizenship at Home

A digital citizen is someone who uses technology safely, ethically, and responsibly, protecting their own and others' rights and information in the digital world. Everyone using the internet must be a responsible digital citizen – including children. As we learned ...
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AnyDesk hacked 2024

Unwrapping the Most Recent AnyDesk Hack: Production Servers Breached

At the end of December 2023, AnyDesk, a popular and widely used remote access solution, suffered a significant cybersecurity breach, only discovered in January 2024. The breach allowed unauthorized access to the company's production systems, affecting its operations and putting ...
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A Simple Guide to E-rate Funding – How to Apply and What it Can Be Used For

In the early 2000s, just over half of all American adults used the Internet. Today, over 95% use it and nearly all have a mobile device. Being connected is crucial in today’s digital world, especially in education. Schools need appropriate ...
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