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Robust internet safety for schools, using keyword detection.

Keyword detection to keep students safe online

Student wellbeing is fundamental to learning. If a student isn’t safe, they often can’t achieve their potential. As students spend more time online for learning, the possibility for online harm increases. Impero well:being provides further level of internet safety for schools with powerful, keyword detection tools to capture, record and identify early warning signs of harmful online behavior.

Identify vulnerable students 

Impero well:being’s keyword library index contains tens of thousands of keywords to identify students accessing harmful online content such as suicide, mental health, eating disorders, (cyber) bullying, or any other sensitive topic on their device.

Our internet safety software detects these keywords in real-time, capturing them which can be reviewed by the student’s teacher or counselor. With “who, what, when and why” information provided, staff members can build a full picture of the capture and intervene early if necessary.

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Understand trends and warning signs  

Internet safety for schools is an ongoing process and concerns are rarely isolated to a single student. Impero well:being offers powerful visual reporting to ensure that staff have full visibility of contextual data, student characteristics and trends across all high-level concern categories.

Staff can delve into granular reporting at student, grade, school or district level to provide them with the information they need to keep students safe.

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A unified view of student wellbeing 

Impero well:being combines online concerns and offline concerns - such as welfare, mental health and behavioral records - to create a unified record of student safety information.

With Impero well:being, staff can highlight and prioritize students of concern and view a full chronology of every student’s student safety history. The permissions-based system keeps records secure and allows authorized staff to export reports for referrals.

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Created with global experts

Our online safety software, was created with experts worldwide, including Mental Health America, to create a tool that truly addresses the issues that students face. Our keyword libraries can be customized with localized keywords and terminology to support all your students. We regularly update our keyword libraries with our online safety partners to ensure that emerging dangers are covered.

Software with wellbeing at its heart

Combining online and offline concerns creates a holistic view of every student's wellbeing. All our products integrate with our free safeguarding software, Impero back:drop, to streamline intervention and create safe and productive learning environments.

And so much more

  • Keyword detection
  • Keyword detection libraries
  • Capture management
  • Logs and reports

Supporting students is what we do

Online and offline safety is at the heart of Impero. Impero works with over 700 schools across the U.S. to develop solutions in response to the latest education trends, and Impero well:being is just one of many products we have designed to keep students safe. Learn about the other solutions in the Impero back:drop family such as Impero back:drop, our student safety software, Impero web:check, our content filtering software and Impero class:room, our classroom management software.

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