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Remote Support Tools - Impero Advantage Program

Impero Advantage is our annual support and upgrade program. It includes remote support tools with free updates to your Impero software, license management, and extended technical. Every new Impero software license purchase includes one year of Advantage at no charge. At the end of 12 months, simply renew your Advantage plan to continue uninterrupted access to new releases and technical support for your Impero software.

Full Upgrade Protection

Remote support tools software upgrades and documentation are free, ensuring you stay current on the latest technical developments.

License Management Service

Impero keeps track of your license keys, subscriptions and online accounts. Lost or missing keys are replaced at no charge.

Reduced Software Costs

Price breaks on additional licenses or subscriptions let you expand your use of Impero software at a lower cost.

Online Support Services

Access product information, software updates and technical support resources online for your remote support tools.

Expert Technical Assistance

Impero's trained support team is available to provide expert advice and assistance for your support questions.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Continuous protection not only keeps you current, but costs less than periodic upgrades.

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