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Education Cyber Attacks: The Best Way Schools Can React to a Cyber Attack

Schools' data have been hit harder than in previous years with cyberattacks and sophisticated ransomware. U.S. schools and colleges have faced at least 27 confirmed data breaches this year; in January alone, 14 schools in the U.K. had document leaks. ...
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The Student Mental Health Crisis - A Proactive Approach

Webinar Recap: The Student Mental Health Crisis – A Proactive Approach

The facts and statistics around student wellbeing are truly alarming. The government has even declared a youth mental health crisis and has stepped in to offer monetary support. With this help, districts can realistically adopt a more holistic and comprehensive ...
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proactively raising good digital citizens

Proactively Raising Good Digital Citizens in Schools

Students today have unprecedented access to information on the Internet, especially with the prevalence of technology in the classroom. However, with this access comes great responsibility. It's essential today’s students can show respect to others online, know when they are ...
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Stressed Students: Educators Struggle to Support Learners Amid Mental Health Crisis

Stressed Students: Educators Struggle to Support Its Learners Amid Mental Health Crisis

The problem is clear - students are stressed and suffering from poor mental health, and the statistics are worsening. Teachers and counselors are overwhelmed with student behavioral and emotional problems. Because of this, educators often find themselves reacting to student ...
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K-12 Ransomware Attacks: 3 Ways You Can Prevent Costly Attacks on Schools

The number of ransomware attacks against K-12 networks continues to rise, and even more worrying is the fact that schools are paying the ransom. Ransomware attacks involve malware that encrypts important files on a victim’s computer or network that will ...
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Webinar: Enhancing Security with Hybrid Cloud Filtering

For over 5 years, many vendors have encouraged their customers to go cloud only and the pandemic only accelerated this move. The pandemic highlighted many cloud benefits, such as remote learning but security requirements needed to be addressed. We now ...
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