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4 Keys to Bridging the Learning Divide In K-12 Education this Year

While we’d like to think education is one area that is typically equal, it is not. In fact, many students worldwide are still unable to access the same learning material as their peers for various reasons. The pandemic highlighted the need for improved remote learning and uncovered the severe lack of equitable learning.   What …

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Webinar: Using ATM Remote Management for Business Agility

Keeping ATMs safe and functional can be a real challenge, especially during a pandemic. Many banks and financial services companies are turning to ATM remote management so the machines can be fixed from the comfort of a central location instead ...
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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Security: Everything You Need to Know

As original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) embrace advanced technology and internet-enabled sensors, the industrial internet of things, or IIoT, continues to drive efficiency and growth. In 2020, the market for IIoT was estimated to reach over $77 billion. But with each ...
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Cybersecurity in the Healthcare Industry: A Complete Guide

Healthcare cybersecurity is rapidly becoming a hot button issue for healthcare workers and IT professionals. Over the last five years alone, more than 157 million individuals have been affected by healthcare data breaches. These data breaches represent costly interruptions for ...
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Do More with Confirm Access

Confirm Access to Ensure Privacy on Remote Machines Do More With Confirm Access (video). The Confirm Access feature of Impero Connect is a powerful tool to ensure the privacy of data stored on remote machines, minimize disruptions to end users, ...
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How to Work From Home Securely with the Impero Portal

You may be aware of all the people in masks trying to access sensitive data on your company servers. Cybercriminals? No, they're just remote workers, adjusting to doing their jobs in a pandemic. More employees than ever are working from ...
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Remote Assistance vs. Remote Desktop: Understanding the Difference in 2022

Technology has radically changed the way people think about work in 2022. Although many people still commute from home to a workplace, more and more remote workers are doing their jobs anywhere with an internet connection. Others work flexible hours, ...
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