Impero Software EdTech Solutions Garner Acclaim Through Several Recent Awards

The company has been repeatedly recognized for its contributions to classroom management and student wellbeing technology 

PORTLAND, Ore. (July 17, 2023) Impero Software, a leading provider of online student safety, classroom management and secure remote access software, has received several awards for its latest EdTech solutions in recent months, establishing the company as a frontrunner in software innovation with an unwavering commitment to excellence. 

This wave of recognition for Impero’s offerings stems from its two latest software developments for the education sector: a classroom management tool called “Impero Classroom” and its latest tool, a holistic tool for student safety and wellbeing appropriately dubbed “Impero Wellbeing.” 

Impero Classroom earned Impero a win as Classroom Management Provider of the Year in the “EdTech Breakthrough Awards,” a comprehensive analysis and review of the top technology companies and solutions across the industry. 

In the U.K., Impero was recently named Ed Tech Provider of the Year in the EducationInvestor Awards – a win that sat squarely on accolades for ContentKeeper, Impero’s bespoke web filtering and security platform for schools. ContentKeeper was acquired by Impero in late 2021 and played a key role in the company’s rapid expansion and developments throughout 2022. ContentKeeper, which already had a strong track record in the U.S., received wide acclaim following its U.K. launch this year owing to its unmatched multi-platform support and granular reporting, which were both hotly demanded in the U.K. marketplace. 

Most recently, the newly released Impero Wellbeing took home the “Tech & Learning Best of Show ISTELive ‘23” award – a notable win for a software so early into its deployment. Impero announced during ISTELive that Impero Wellbeing has been equipped with machine learning to help teachers and staff flag potentially worrying keywords and searches among student devices that may indicate physical danger or a mental health crisis – an approach that has already demonstrated massive impact at allowing schools to proactively get ahead of potential risks for students. 

This was Impero’s second recognition from Tech & Learning in 2023, as the company was also named a winner in the “Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence: Best of 2022,” which celebrates educational technology that has excelled in supporting teachers, students, and education professionals in the classroom.  

“It’s been an honor to receive these back-to-back validations of Impero’s unwavering dedication to developing exceptional software products that push the boundaries of innovation, functionality and user experience,” said Impero Software CEO Justin Reilly. “These accolades are a testament to the hard work, expertise and passion of our talented team. We remain focused on pushing the boundaries of software innovation, solving complex challenges and empowering our clients with game-changing solutions.” 

Impero’s innovative products have gained widespread attention for their exceptional performance, seamless integration and transformative capabilities. By winning these awards, Impero further solidifies its position as a market leader and reaffirms its commitment to delivering groundbreaking solutions that shape the future of both the software industry and the education sector. 

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About Impero Software 

Impero is a global leader in digital solutions for safe and efficient studying and working environments, keeping students on-task and safe, and providing secure and efficient platforms for employees working remote.  

In 2022, Impero acquired ContentKeeper, considered one of K-12’s best web filtering solutions. Today we work directly with technical teams, schools, MATs, and Fortune 500 companies in more than 90 countries.  

Together, we’re developing a future where we can all be safe and productive online.