Webinar: Build with Secure Remote Access from the Start

Watch the replay of our webinar to learn how to minimize the risks of remove access and reduce the size of your attack surface.

Build with Secure Remote Access from the Start

Secure remote access helps leverage the power of widespread network connectivity to access devices, networks, or platforms located in different locations to improve productivity and efficiency. 

Despite security risks, locking down remote access is not viable. Internal IT teams use remote access to patch or fix devices, especially if something breaks during a global software update. OEM vendors need to remotely access customer devices for repairs and troubleshooting activities like transferring files or collecting logs. The Internet of Things (IoT) enables traditional equipment on factory floors, mining rigs, energy and power plants, and other facilities to be network connected for remote monitoring and management. 

For years, cyberattacks have exploited remote access vulnerabilities to inflict deeper damages to organizations. But recently, the increasing shift to a more remote workforce, along with complex third-party supplier ecosystems, made remote access a rampant threat vector. 

These evolving threats justify the jittery outlook among CISOs, security experts, and IT professionals with remote access usage. Companies in highly regulated industries have to be cautious about devices on their networks. That includes ATMs, POS devices in retail, kiosks, HVAC systems, IIoT factory floor robots, and healthcare devices (imaging machines, MRI, X-ray). In regulated industries like healthcare, medical professionals have to send patient data through secure, encrypted channels or remotely monitor specialized medical devices. This must be done while fully complying with HIPAA, PHI, and ISO. Banks and financial institutions remotely monitor ATM activities, update and perform maintenance. Watch a replay of our live presentation on how to minimize these risks and reduce the size of your attack surface. 

This presentation is for CISO, CIO, CSO, IT directors and IT managers. 

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