Impero Professional Services: Enterprise Package

Seamless deployment for enterprise-scale operations. 

Prof Serv Enterprise Package

Impero Connect Professional Services Enterprise Package

With the purchase of an Impero Connect Professional Services Enterprise Package, you will be assigned one of our expert consultants for support, planning and implementation delivery.

What's included in the Enterprise Package

Guest Host


of Guest, Host & Security Server

3 - Training Onboarding

Training & Onboarding

for administrators and support staff


Compliance Strategy

for GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA & others

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Planning & documentation

The Impero Security Server will be your central hub for managing access and providing support to networked devices.

  • Creation of role-based access & security policies
  • Management of firewall settings and policies
  • Encryption settings and fault-tolerant connectivity
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • SQL and Active Directory configuration
  • Data management & backup
  • Configuration of secure tunnels into unattended or embedded devices
  • Audit logs, recording files, and compliance strategies

The Process

Project team

1. The Project Team

Impero will assign a primary project owner to facilitate your upgrade. If your team spans multiple geographies, time zones, or even speaks different languages, we can tailor your plan to accommodate your unique needs.


2. Location

The Upgrade Package is designed to last no more than two business days (16 hours) and can be planned for a single day or divided into multiple sessions. This package may also include follow-up support after the initial implementation.


3. The Timeline

Training can be delivered either on-site or remotely. On-site delivery is subject to additional travel costs.


4. Budgeting

You can request a custom quote below in order to get a better idea on the budget requirements for your enterprise project.

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