Thousands of Students Spoke About Online Safety, and Impero Listened

Students need access to reliable online content that sparks their imagination and helps them reach their full potential. However, safety should always be the top…

Students need access to reliable online content that sparks their imagination and helps them reach their full potential. However, safety should always be the top priority. Cyberbullying, stalking, scams, personal information misuse, gambling, and exposure to inappropriate content are all still very much an issue for students.  

Helping children navigate the online world is no easy task for teachers. It’s important to stay updated with new developments, especially since today’s young students will likely have tech-driven careers we haven’t even thought of yet. 

The Results from Impero’s Research into Student’s Online Behaviour 

That’s why Impero took matters into their own hands. We surveyed over 2,000 school children aged 11-18, to understand how they use their mobile phones and internet-connected devices inside and outside of school. The results were eye-opening and emphasized the need for more intelligent safeguarding solutions that cater to students of different age groups and so much more. It’s clear we need to act and provide the necessary tools to protect our students in the online world. 

60% Of Students Feel It’s Becoming More Difficult To Avoid Harmful Content

The problems are not going away even with all the government efforts. It’s alarming to see 37% of students are facing cyberbullying while 60% feel it’s becoming more difficult to avoid harmful content. And let’s not forget the shocking number of students who are viewing pornographic material on school devices. This isn’t just a distraction from learning; it’s a serious risk to student safety.  

Here’s the kicker: nearly 27% of students have found ways to bypass their school’s supposedly secure web filter. It’s clear that there’s a pressing need for improvement. All of this information is essential to understand as it fully illustrates the need for improvement. Schools need innovative and adaptable solutions that work in tandem to ensure safe, secure, and engaging learning. 

Want to learn more? Read the Student’s Voice Survey to understand what’s happening in your schools from the student’s perspective. 

How Impero’s Solutions Help Protect Students Online 

Impero provides a holistic suite of web filtering, security, classroom management and student wellbeing software that helps schools proactively protect students. It’s about time schools and trusts have innovative and adaptable solutions that actually work. With Impero, students can be protected wherever they’re learning and on any device. It’s time to prioritize safe, secure, and engaging learning. 

We provide student safety monitoring with in-depth analytics and reporting that integrates with industry directory and SIS systems to ensure schools have the most effective tools they need to maximize learning potential and ensure students thrive. 

Impero already has the solutions to drive safety and student success in your school. Start building your proactive strategy with Impero ContentKeeper, Wellbeing and Classroom. 


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