Remote Access for Schools: Introducing Impero Connect

Keeping students safe and productive on their devices is a top priority for schools. In order to best support students, teachers and encourage continual learning,…

Keeping students safe and productive on their devices is a top priority for schools. In order to best support students, teachers and encourage continual learning, IT administrators need to make sure remote staff can safely access the school’s network from home while giving IT administrators the ability to support teacher and staff devices whenever they need to work remotely.   

Impero Connect can help your school run safely and effectively, no matter where people and devices are. Connect gives schools flexible and secure remote access, allowing schools to solve problems faster and keep teachers and staff up and running in any learning environment.   

What are the benefits of Impero Connect and how does it make remote support easier?  


Remote learning has added a lot of complexity to keeping school networks safe. Students, administrators, and other staff can no longer be kept within the protection of a local network. They need to connect remotely, often using a variety of devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Depending on their roles, they need to accomplish tasks that can involve sensitive property, privacy information, and data.


Impero Connect dashboard: Access to an overview of account information including devices, users, activity, recent updates, and more.

To keep the network safe while allowing the school to operate smoothly, IT administrators must have a solution that can make all these connections possible. Some of this can be done using a basic VPN or RDP, but any school with complex network configurations a variety of devices, and a focus on security needs a more robust tool. Connect provides schools with flexible, scalable, and secure remote access and remote control. 

  • Superior security – Schools across the globe have been facing data breaches that occur through insecure remote access points. Cyberthreats that used to focus on retail or financial institutions have increasingly targeted schools and hospitals. Connect’s security features were created from the ground up to meet even the most demanding security and compliance regulations that the world’s top companies face.

    Schools can use Connect for a more secure way to connect to devices, especially those with access to student data files.

With schools increasingly in the crosshairs of global hacker groups, Impero has recognised the need for highly secure remote access software with the flexibility to be customised to match your school’s needs. 

  • Flexible connectivity – Maintaining several remote access methods is expensive and increases the vulnerability of the school network. Connect enables an administrator to consolidate access and support devices and end-users across the school network and the internet with a single solution. Our platform compatibility enables rapid, flexible access from a single interface, and our custom security credentials and multi-factor authentication give you a single tool for internal and third-party access.
  • Cross-platform – With Connect, IT administrators can support teachers, other staff, and even some student devices whether they’re using Windows, Linux, MacOS, or iOS. Further support for ChromeOS and Android is on the roadmap.
  • Saves time and money – With Impero’s top-of-the-line keyboard, video screen and mouse control (KVM) and seamless cross-platform screen sharing, a network administrator or IT manager can access any device in a school’s extended network as if they were sitting right in front of it. Schools can save time and money because with Connect IT administrators can efficiently fix problems and streamline support rather than spending time traveling to fix issues.  


Why should you choose Impero Connect as your school’s remote access solution?  

Connect has been continually developed for over 30 years to become proven, tested remote access solution used by Fortune 100 customers. We’ve honed our software by collaborating with technology partners like Microsoft, NCR, and Toshiba to create a world-class solution that is used by some of the biggest organisations in the world – including a quarter of the world’s top 100 retailers, banks, schools, and almost 60% of the largest companies in Europe according to Financial Times. Impero provides schools with secure, best-in-class solutions that will keep students, teachers, IT teams, and administrators connected, productive, and safe online. 


Want to see more? Watch a demonstration of Impero Connect below, and start a free trial here 


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