Best Features of Classroom Management Software in 2023

Teachers have one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Keeping students safe and learning in a positive, productive environment has become an even…

Teachers have one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Keeping students safe and learning in a positive, productive environment has become an even greater challenge today with digital advancements, poor mental health, and equitable learning issues. 81% of teachers say they need better strategies for minimizing disruptive behavior in the classroom. To support teachers, classroom management software is now being used in many schools. It adds value to the curriculum and helps keep students safe while engaged during instructional time. Simply stated, these solutions can help teachers guide students toward reaching their full potential, but how do you know which solution is best and offers the most advanced features? 

What is Classroom Management Software?  

Classroom management software is an EdTech solution that can enhance teaching and learning. It gives teachers an efficient and effective way to view, monitor, and control student device activity. Through classroom management software, teachers are given the ability to do live screen monitoring, lock device screens, restrict browsing, send messages, and, in some solutions, so much more.  

Why Do I Need Classroom Management Software? 

Classroom management software is a powerful tool that limits student distractions and gives teachers more control over student progress. More importantly, it can help identify students who are struggling and quickly get them back on task and learning. These solutions give teachers an easier way to track lesson activities and evaluate student progress.  Classroom management software also supports teachers in reporting progress and behavior to administrators and parents. 

However, the best classroom management software goes beyond these basic features, offering comprehensive tools such as specific content control and full visibility of student engagement. It should offer a grid view of all student screens and direct instant messaging, which is an important feature for re-engaging distracted students. Effective classroom management solutions allow teachers to: 

  • Create engaging and personalized learning based on differentiated instruction 
  • Monitor and evaluate performance and proficiency 
  • Save time and make more informed decisions 
  • Strengthen communications between administration, parents, and other resources 
  • Block access to distracting online content 
  • Identify and assist students who are struggling academically and/or emotionally 

How This Software Supports Technology in the Classroom 

The right solution will integrate with current district and school EdTech solutions to align with the learning goals that help support teachers and students to reach their full potential. The best classroom management software will offer valuable benefits such as: 

  • Visibility into student device activity: Teachers have greater visibility into what students are doing online. 
  • Increased engagement: Students remain more engaged with fewer distractions. 
  • Structured learning: Teachers can ensure that only content related to the topic is accessed on-site or remotely. 
  • Control: Teachers can close tabs, lock screens, lock entire devices, and launch websites on student devices. 
  • Secure messaging: Teachers can privately message students. 
  • Student support: Students have access to help when needed, no matter where they are located. 
  • Improved collaboration: Screensharing enables collaboration among students with link sharing or broadcasting a teacher’s or student’s screen. 
  • Flexibility: Classroom management software supports all learning environments, including in-person, remote, and hybrid modes of instruction. 
  • Cross-platform functionality: Cloud-based systems work across all devices and operating systems and on both school-owned and BYOD devices.
  • Improved efficiency for teachers: Support that reduces teachers’ stress while adding value to teaching.   
  • Improved class management: Ensures every student can thrive academically. 

What Features Do I Need to Look for in Classroom Management Software? 

The best classroom management solution will provide features such as: 

  • Performance tools and tracking  
  • Digital whiteboards 
  • Greater content control 
  • Video screen capture 
  • Grid view 
  • Screen sharing 

Impero believes the best way to address distractive behavior is through structured technology in the classroom. Our solutions help schools, trusts, and districts build out a suite that includes full-featured solutions to help ensure the safety and wellbeing of students. With the ability to track, monitor, and analyse students’ digital engagement, teachers can keep them on a positive learning track but also monitor their personal challenges and wellbeing. 

Impero Classroom helps teachers manage online learning and keep students engaged. It can help identify those students who need extra support, allowing teachers to proactively solve problems and keep students on task. Teachers will see benefits such as: 

  • Improved collaboration and engagement 
  • Keeping students focused and on task 
  • Addressing and redirecting online behavior in real time  
  • Supporting personalized learning and differentiated instruction 
  • Save time and make more informed decisions 
  • Increased communication 
  • Ability to deliver digital learning anywhere and on any device or browser 

Classroom makes it simple to manage content and devices, keeping teachers in control and students focused. Teachers are given live screen monitoring and restrict browsing functionality to help them identify students who are off task and instantly remove distractions. 

To empower schools and teachers even more, combine Impero Classroom with Impero ContentKeeper and Impero Wellbeing to help students reach their full potential. We offer a holistic safety and wellbeing suite of products that can build a clear chronology of the individual student’s learning journey and mental health.  

Discover how Classroom, ContentKeeper and Wellbeing work together to support your holistic student safety and wellbeing strategies and book a demo today.  

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