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classroom reporting and classroom analytics

Impero Insight transforms a school’s Impero data into stunning, graphical reports, that you can interact with on any device type. An addition to Impero Education Pro, Impero Insight is an advanced, cloud-based, reporting and analytics module, powered by an industry leading Business Intelligence engine. Automatically pulling data from one or multiple servers, into pre-defined, rich-visual dashboards, Impero Insight allows you to drill down to a granular level as required.

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key features

multi-server reporting

Giving schools and districts the ability to compare, contrast and analyse data, from all their schools, in a single view.

graphical presentation of data

Visualizing data with interactive, graphical reports that best display the key statistics in a consistent way.

detailed analytics

Drilling down into Impero Education Pro data with simple ‘one-click’ analysis filters.

granular permissions

Providing schools and districts with a centralized view of their Impero logs, with secure authenticated access permissions applied to ensure data security.

interactive tailored dashboards

Displaying default dashboards for school staff that present each stakeholder with the information most relevant to their role.

automatically updated data

Automatically refreshing during the school day, to ensure accurate, up-to-date information for school and district staff.


save time

Access detailed, cross-school and district reports quickly, when required.

support good decision-making

Compare and contrast statistical data on an individual school, teacher and student basis in order to aid good decision making and early intervention.

demonstrate outstanding leadership

Easily demonstrate and evidence outstanding leadership at an individual school level and across a district.

support best practice

Ensure policy is being followed and identify areas for improvement that need to be addressed.

keep students safe

Identify increases in risky student behavior, evaluate the effectiveness of interventions being used and inform the relevant members of staff early so that no student goes unsupported.

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