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4 Keys to Bridging the Learning Divide In K-12 Education this Year

While we’d like to think education is one area that is typically equal, it is not. In fact, many students worldwide are still unable to access the same learning material as their peers for various reasons. The pandemic highlighted the need for improved remote learning and uncovered the severe lack of equitable learning.   What …

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Impero Wellbeing Brings Home

Impero Classroom Earned Industry Accolades

At this year’s Ed Tech Breakthrough Awards, Impero Classroom was named Classroom Management Solution Provider of the Year.  The “EdTech Breakthrough Awards” are a comprehensive analysis and review of the top technology companies and solutions across the industry. To be at the top ...
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The Best Privileged Access Management Strategy for Finance Institutions

Remote access management allows finance companies to temporarily give contractors and third-party users remote access to specific applications. Privileged Access Management, or PAM, goes a step further and gives the user administrative permission to view and change files or systems ...
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Education Cyber Attacks: The Best Way Schools Can React to a Cyber Attack

Schools' data have been hit harder than in previous years with cyberattacks and sophisticated ransomware. In the U.S., there have been at least 27 confirmed data breaches this year; in January alone, 14 schools in the U.K. had document leaks. ...
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The Student Mental Health Crisis - A Proactive Approach

Webinar Recap: The Student Mental Health Crisis – A Proactive Approach

The facts and statistics around student wellbeing are truly alarming. The government has even declared a youth mental health crisis and has stepped in to offer monetary support. With this help, districts can realistically adopt a more holistic and comprehensive ...
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A person tapping their bank card to a POS machine

Less than 12 Months Left Until the PCI DSS v4.0 Implementation Deadline

PCI DSS 4.0 is a game-changer for data security. It will transform the future of retail & e-commerce and make it imperative for businesses to prioritize being PCI DSS compliant. This new standard aims to prevent data breaches and safeguard ...
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What We Learned from the FiXS Attack: Secure Remote Access Defends ATMs

The recent FiXS malware attack on a bank ATM in Mexico proves criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated by the day. FiXS is the new threat - an advanced ATM malware used in a series of attacks across Mexico. ...
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