How ContentKeeper Fits into the Impero Suite of Products

The number one priority for schools is to educate. However, for students to learn, it’s clear that students and staff need to feel safe. There…

The number one priority for schools is to educate. However, for students to learn, it’s clear that students and staff need to feel safe. There are state and federal laws that require schools to safeguard students, but safety is the cornerstone of successful education. However, keeping students safe and productive while utilizing some of the value the internet has to offer can be incredibly challenging.

A comprehensive approach is the best way a school can support a thriving learning environment. Communication and information is critical to keeping students safe and on track. Clear and timely dialogue can offer schools a way to intervene before a situation becomes life-threatening and should include staff, support agencies and parents. Many schools have adopted digital solutions they hope will help manage and cultivate effective communication and secure networks. But the technology must go beyond that to also keep students safe from harmful content and distractions while supporting teachers.

Schools need innovative, flexible solutions that harmoniously ensure continuous safety, security, and an engaging learning environment. When seeking the best EdTech, look for web filter and classroom support solutions that offer:

  • Adaptability
  • Control
  • Real-time activity from one dashboard
  • Granular reporting and analytics

Leading the way in student-centered learning and safeguarding

Impero is a leading solutions provider enabling a proactive student-centered learning approach that increases productivity, success and safety. We offer a suite of web filtering, security, classroom management and student wellbeing software that helps schools proactively protect students anywhere they are learning and on any device. Our student safety monitoring offers granular and high-level analytics and reporting. Importantly, our solutions integrate with industry directory and SIS systems to ensure schools have the most effective tools to maximize learning potential and ensure students thrive.

For the UK, schools and trusts seek the best way to safeguard students and comply with Ofsted standards. Similarly, districts and schools in the US want to protect students and encourage social and emotional learning. Either way, the first step toward achieving a successful safety and wellbeing strategy is ContentKeeper. It’s fast becoming the foundation for creating the most effective strategies that include:

  • Defence-in-depth
  • Wellbeing
  • Safeguarding
  • 1:1 programs

Strengthen safety and wellness efforts

ContentKeeper works with other Impero products to strengthen safety and wellness efforts. Begin building your best safeguarding strategy with:

  • Impero ContentKeeper filters harmful content while allowing valuable content to be accessed anywhere and from any device.
  • Impero Classroom helps teachers keep students on a productive and equal learning path.
  • Impero Wellbeing helps monitor students’ online activity for indicators of distress, harm or inappropriate behavior.
  • Impero Safeguard enables teachers to record, track and manage concerns about students. Safeguard is a tool to record real-world observations and then manage and track interventions in collaboration with Staff, Parents, and outside agencies they
  • Impero Connect provides secure remote access for seamless control over machines, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

Combining ContentKeeper with Classroom, Wellbeing and Safeguard gives administrators and teachers a complete picture of individual student’s safety, wellbeing and their learning journey. They will have access to a robust keyword detection and emotional status tool that helps identify vulnerable students while keeping everyone safe and on task. Track whole student health & wellbeing to:

  • Record medical, behavioral, and SEL concerns from a single console
  • Manage resources and referrals to external agencies as needed
  • Communicate with parents

Add Connect to give IT staff tools offering the capability of keeping filtering options both on-site and off-site – it provides an extra layer of security: granularity of access controls, top-grade built-in security features and centralized remote monitoring dashboard. Overall, Connect and ContentKeeper work together to provide a highly secured toolset for school networks to stay safe. Connect offers the IT team secure device management, remote control, and comprehensive support tools.

  • Real-time keyboard, video and mouse control
  • Enterprise security with in-depth access & authentication options
  • Fast ROI through increased efficiency and productivity of support staff

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