Remote Access in Zero-Trust Networks: How Impero Connect Keeps You Safe, Even on No-IP Networks

Zero-trust networks are a new way of thinking about network security. Instead of trusting users and devices simply because they are inside the network perimeter,…

Zero-trust networks are a new way of thinking about network security. Instead of trusting users and devices simply because they are inside the network perimeter, zero-trust networks verify every user and device on every access attempt. This approach is essential for protecting increasingly distributed and complex networks, especially in the wake of the recent rise in remote work. 

When it comes to zero-trust networks, securing remote access is THE challenge. And when remote controlling devices, organizations need to do it in a way that conforms with Zero Trust principles. For these principles to be respected, users must get granular control – they cannot simply control an entire device.  

So, what exactly does granting granular permissions for remote control mean for Zero Trust principles? In a sentence: each feature and function of a device needs to be accessed with a separate permission in order for a remote control session to be called Zero Trust.  

Impero Connect and Zero-Trust Networks: IP Address Issues & Granular Permissions 

Impero Connect is a remote access solution specifically designed for zero-trust networks. Impero Connect uses various techniques to verify users and devices, including device fingerprinting, multi-factor authentication, Role Based Access Control, and Attribute Based Access Control.  This makes Impero Connect one of the safest remote access solutions available. 

Impero Connect protects businesses by offering granular controls so that remote access can be granted and user permissions applied during the remote session based on various criteria. Access controls include MAC/IP address checks, user group, location, time of day, and many more. Once connected to a remote device, granular user permissions can be applied, including keyboard video & mouse control, ability to transfer files, device management functions, and even which applications can be used. With these access controls and permissions in place, users have access to specific functionalities of devices in accordance with company procedures and scheduling.  

One of the key features of Impero Connect is its ability to operate on no-IP networks. No-IP networks are networks that do not use IP addresses to identify devices. This makes them more secure than traditional networks, as attackers cannot easily track or target devices on no-IP networks. 

Impero Connect is able to operate on no-IP networks by being an agent-based solution. This allows Impero Connect to track and authenticate devices without relying on IP addresses, unlike other solutions on the market, who are mostly IP-based.  

Impero Connect and Other Solutions 

A key benefit of Impero Connect is its positive impact on organizations that want to implement zero-trust strategies. One of the features of such strategies is to anonymize IP addresses on the network. More and more organizations are resorting to these kinds of security strategies.  

There are solutions out there that would simply anonymize IP addresses. Nothing wrong with that, of course. However, if an organization is looking to implement remote access software, that operation might run into trouble. That is because most remote-control solutions would be rendered useless by the previous IP anonymization.  

Impero Connect and Zero-Trust Best Practices  

In order for a Zero-Trust framework to be efficient, we recommend a few key steps:  

  1. Ensure secure user authentication: Implement stringent authentication protocols incorporating widespread multi-factor authentication. 
  2. Customize requests and minimize privileges: Utilize an advanced solution to control authorization based on factors like user groups, location, and IP address. With Impero Connect, you can precisely permit access to specified whitelisted applications or provide time-sensitive access. Apply function-based restrictions for certain actions on designated devices for a user or group.
  3. Audit with precision: While VPNs often lack built-in audit logging, remote access software such as Impero Connect provides immutable audit logs and comprehensive session recordings, including video logs 

Impero Connect Offers a Truly Secure Remote Access Solution

Impero Connect goes beyond secure remote control to provide a truly secure remote access solution that is specifically designed for zero-trust networks. Impero Connect uses a variety of techniques to verify users and devices, including device fingerprinting, multi-factor authentication, and granular control over all user permissions through individual or group definitions. Impero Connect also has the ability to operate on no-IP networks, making it even more secure. 

Organizations that are serious about implementing zero-trust networks should consider using Impero Connect for remote access. Enjoy enhanced efficiency without sacrificing security. Impero Connect supports a zero-trust security strategy with a proven solution that meets GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, PCI-DSS and other compliance mandates.  

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