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The School’s Guide to Apps Students Are Using: Top 10 Most Popular & Dangerous

Technology plays a significant role in today’s classrooms. Unfortunately, anonymous messaging apps, random video chats, and other platforms that lock or hide other apps raise safety and security concerns for educators.  Despite efforts to educate students, they don’t always exercise good judgment. Some of the more commonly used apps among students exhibit safety concerns that […]
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How can schools keep students safe from apps that put them at risk?

In December 2000, the US Congress signed the Children’s Internet Protection Act to safeguard against dangerous and obscene material. Despite this effort, websites and devices have advanced and proved very beneficial for many, including criminals, bullies and predators. Now, the ...
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Industrial Secure Remote Access

Industrial Secure Remote Access: Empowering Control and Efficiency

Industrial secure remote access tools have become vital for protection and control. They provide businesses with a secure and efficient way to control and monitor their critical systems and machinery. These solutions combine robust authentication protocols, encrypted connections, and advanced ...
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The Complete Guide to Factory Remote Access for Large Manufacturers

With today's advanced technology, organizations have been forced to transform their approach to security and control. Remote access solutions continue to evolve and revolutionize the manufacturing industry with seamless control and operation management. More than 70% of organizations now allow ...
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The Complete Buyers Guide to Web Filtering Software for Schools

There are many advantages to the Internet, with its endless amount of learning aids for teachers. But there are also many disadvantages in terms of keeping students safe and on a positive learning path. However, a proactive approach to controlling ...
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How to Address Remote Learning's Long-Term Effect on Student Attention Spans

How to Address Remote Learning’s Long-Term Effect on Student Attention Spans

Let's be honest. Teachers are courageous and have the patience of a saint. Keeping their students' attention and on task can sometimes be next to impossible. It is undeniably one of the biggest, if not the biggest, challenges every teacher ...
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Impero Wellbeing Brings Home 2 Big Wins - Tech Learning Best of Show

Impero Wellbeing Brings Home 2 Big Wins

The Tech & Learning Awards celebrate the very finest educational technology. Impero took an impressive lead for two categories this year, winning ‘Best of Show’ and ‘Excellence’ accolades.   Impero Wellbeing earned “Tech & Learning Best of Show ISTELive ’23”. Wellbeing ...
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