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The School’s Guide to Apps Students Are Using: Top 10 Most Popular & Dangerous

Technology plays a significant role in today’s classrooms. Unfortunately, anonymous messaging apps, random video chats, and other platforms that lock or hide other apps raise safety and security concerns for educators.  Despite efforts to educate students, they don’t always exercise good judgment. Some of the more commonly used apps among students exhibit safety concerns that …

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How to Keep Remote Desktop Software Secure

In this day and age, remote desktop software is becoming more and more common in the workplace. Many businesses use it to help expedite day-to-day processes like providing user support and addressing remote software issues. Whether you’re already using remote ...
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When VPN is a Vulnerability

Remote Access Software Might be a Better Fit Using a VPN makes sense for many businesses. It lets remote workers, vendors, and service providers have access to the company's private network from anywhere. Meanwhile, the business maintains some level of control ...
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Learn How Remote Support Software Has Revolutionized the IT Support Industry

IT support isn’t what it used to be - it’s better, faster and cheaper! And that’s thanks to the relatively new prevalence of remote support software. What used to take hours can now take minutes. What was a mere IT ...
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What Is Remote Access? 8 Things to Know About Remote Access

If you’ve ever needed to access your desktop computer from a separate location, then remote desktop software is what you need. While remote access can be used in home networks, it is most commonly used on corporate networks so business owners, support ...
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9 BEST PRACTICES for Keeping POS systems safe

Take these steps to secure your remote access and avoid being the next victim. North Country Business Products, a Point of Sale (PoS) services and solutions company based in Minnesota, announced a data breach on February 20, 2019. Full details have ...
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[WEBINAR] Securing Remote Access: Basic & Advanced Strategies

How secure is your remote access solution? Sign up for our webinar and learn basic and advanced strategies to mitigate your risk. With data breaches continuing to climb, you can't settle for basic security policies. Unsecured remote access is a known ...
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