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If you’ve been on the internet lately, chances are you’ve met a “troll.”  You know the type – those often anonymous users who post deliberately hurtful comments and rants. At Impero Software, we’re fighting to stop internet trolls and we want to help students like you stand up against them! That’s why we launched the “Don’t be a Troll” meme contest. 

We are looking for creative, powerful messages that we can share with students about why they should not be a troll. The most powerful entries will win! Winning entries will be featured on our site and distributed to schools to share with their students to help them teach digital literacy. See the list of potential prizes below.

Submit your entry now for Impero Software’s “Don’t be a Troll” Meme Contest and be part of the solution.

Ready to start? Here’s your mission!

  • Create a meme about why students shouldn’t troll. Use your imagination! It can be clever, funny, or serious (Please keep it clean).
  • Write a paragraph describing the message in your entry (1000 characters max).
  • Submit your meme and your paragraph, along with your contact information and that of your school, using the form below by January 31, 2020.

Impero will select 2 winners by February 11, 2020 to receive prizes! Impero will award a $100 Amazon gift card to each winner and a $500 Amazon gift card to each winner’s school. The winners’ profiles and memes will be published on Impero’s web site and social media channels and shared with schools nationwide.

For more information about trolling and the harmful impact it can have, click here.

Ready to enter? Fill out the form to the right.

List of prizes: $100 Amazon gift card for each winner; $500 Amazon gift card for each winner’s school.

Entries must be received no later than 11:59pm EST, January 31, 2020. Winners will be notified by February 11, 2020. One entry per person.

For full terms & conditions and contest rules, click here.

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