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School Internet Filtering 101: What Schools Need to Know


Not all school internet filters were created equal. Recently, we launched Impero Web:check, a CIPA-compliant, real-time school internet filter. And now, we want to show you how this school internet filtering technology, powered by industry leader Netsweeper, can better student online safety and productivity.

In this webinar, we cover:

  • What can we expect from CIPA in the future?
  • Pros and cons of school internet censorship.
  • How a robust real-time internet content filter can keep students safe, and save network administrators and teachers valuable time.
  • How to adopt an internet safety program at your school.
  • Q&A session with Impero’s tech team.

With a school internet filter in place, you can rest easy that students are using the internet more safely – all while providing extra protection to the school network.

You can watch this webinar recording on our website after clicking “submit” below.


Watch School Internet Filtering 101: What Schools Need to Know

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