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Eastbury Community School (ECS), located in London Borough of Barking & Dagenham has students from diverse religious and cultural backgrounds. ECS teaches spiritual, moral and, social, as well as British values, to all students. To support this across its 1000 PCs, Eastbury Community School required a reliable monitoring solution to safeguard all its students.


Before Impero Education Pro, Eastbury Community School used a variety of tools to cover an array of functionality, including a classroom management solution. Despite being an adequate solution from a teacher’s perspective, it offered little in the way of admin functionality for the IT team. Additionally, Eastbury Community School had a safeguarding solution in place which proved overly bureaucratic in monitoring. These issues, alongside managing various renewals, drove Eastbury Community School to look for a new solution.


Since further developments to Impero Education Pro’s online safety features, designed in line with Ofsted and the DfE’s Keeping Children Safe in Education, Impero Education Pro was now the consolidated solution that Eastbury Community School needed and was considered a “worth-while option” by the Network Manager. The school would be able to improve efficiency, reduce costs and eradicate managing several different contracts by replacing multiple products with just a single solution.


The implementation process was described by the Network Manager as “pretty easy”. Eastbury Community School simply phoned up the support team where they took control and installed Impero Education Pro onto the server as necessary. Eastbury Community School have since set up the auto-syncing of keywords libraries, which are updated as and when new keywords are added.


Since installing Impero Education Pro, Eastbury Community School has realised a number of core benefits:

Reduces carbon footprint: Utilising the power management functionality in Impero Education Pro allows scheduled powering off of PCs at the end of the school day and overnight.

Saves money: As a consolidated solution, Impero Education Pro replaced several disparate solutions and support contracts with just one solution and one order.

Supports Ofsted requirements: The anonymous reporting tool, Confide, enables students to report any safeguarding issues or concerns anonymously, as required by Ofsted.

Q&A with Tony Gale, Network Manager

How has Impero Education Pro streamlined the use of technology?  

I usually can’t stand learning a new piece of software, but this was easy! It does everything from one piece of software and it’s really user friendly and intuitive. The network management functionality provides remote support and the ability to power off all the machines overnight with the click of a few buttons. More importantly though, are the online safety features. We use the log viewer on a daily basis and we track students’ activity on the network, which is captured, flagged and escalated to the relevant member of staff – we usually liaise with the safeguarding team a couple of times a week to ensure it’s been brought to their attention and dealt with. It’s designed really well to make sure nothing slips through the net. If you’re on a viewed capture you can see it’s status and the owner attached to it to identify who and how it’s being dealt with. We really like Confide, the anonymous reporting tool; it’s been invaluable for the Senior Leadership Team and also a big plus for Ofsted.

What are your next steps?

We’ve not yet rolled out Impero Education Pro to the teachers, since they’ve got little time to learn a new software on top of their usual workload. We’re going to push Impero Education Pro out to one or two of our e-champions initially and roll-out to all staff in September with training sessions.

How would you describe our support team?

They get things solved there and then on the phone; there’s no “give me a day to look at it and I’ll get back to you.” We did have an instance where we wanted to look into our keyword libraries and the team advised the session would go into a lot of detail so would require some time our end. We simply arranged a time that was convenient and went through it all with them at a later date, which we were happy to do.

How would you sum up Impero?

Efficient, effective and time-saving.

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