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Safeguard students for free

Every school needs a world-class safeguarding system, regardless of budget constraints. Impero back:drop, our free, cloud-based safeguarding software provides all of the core features you need to record and manage safeguarding concerns effectively. Schools can pair Impero back:drop with Impero class:room and Impero well:being to enhance its functionality and create safe and productive learning environments.

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Paperless child protection

Paper records don’t cut it anymore. With Impero back:drop, school staff can record safeguarding concerns in seconds and manage them from anywhere, at any time.

With our safeguarding software for schools, it’s simple to track pastoral, child protection, behavioural and mental health concerns, as well as first aid incidents, to identify issues early and intervene when appropriate.

Intervene early & protect your students  

Impero back:drop makes it simple to identify and flag key trends. It automatically generates a safeguarding chronology for every student, complete with details and a full safeguarding history.

In addition to individual records, the technology provides risk and wellbeing visibility at the whole school, year group, and class level, as well as breaking down data by gender. This empowers staff to understand the challenges students face, which is the first step to overcoming them.

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Secure safeguarding records 

Our safeguarding software is safe and robust, with two-factor authentication to ensure your school's data is protected and visible only to those who have authorised permissions. Each staff member is assigned specific rights, meaning more serious concerns, such as those related to child protection concerns, are only visible to those with the right permissions.

Impero back:drop guarantees a full audit trail of interventions for every students. Every record, edit of assignment is recorded, creating a court-admissible record to create evidence-based safeguarding records.

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Record concerns wherever & whenever 

With Impero back:drop, all staff members with authorised permissions can track, manage and follow-up on records and easily share externally for referrals, all from the browser of any device.

Our free safeguarding resources are available even when the school is closed and paper-based records are inaccessible, ensuring that nothing prevents teachers from fulfilling their safeguarding responsibilities.

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Keep staff records up to date 

Our safeguarding solution enables schools to maintain and evidence staff training, as well as providing a central location for all DBS and vetting checks.

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Software with wellbeing at its heart

  • Whole-school reporting
  • Concern chronology
  • Intervention management
  • Alert prioritisation
  • Document vault
  • Staff training records
  • Remote safeguarding tool
  • Simple referrals

Supporting students is what we do

Impero back:drop is just one element of a larger product family designed to keep students safe. Learn about the other solutions in the Impero back:drop family such as Impero web:check, our internet filtering software, Impero well:being, our keyword detection software, or Impero class:room, our classroom management software. We even offer a data protection officer for schools to ensure you are in line with government regulations.

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