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what to expect from our Tackling Online Safeguarding Risks in Education conference

1st April 2016

With the introduction of the Prevent Duty in 2015, the necessity to tackle online safeguarding risks has become ever more prevalent. Identifying vulnerable students in the online world is now essential in protecting children from the many dangers that could arise, from both home life and outside influences. These dangers include, but are not limited to, radicalisation, drugs, bullying, gangs, suicide and neglect.

With so much to look out for, it becomes nearly impossible to prepare for every risk that may present itself to students online. To combat this, the full day Tackling Online Safeguarding Risks in Education conference provides the opportunity to ensure you’re up-to-speed with the latest online concerns, and prepared to respond should an issue arise. So what should you expect from our online safeguarding conference?


current challenges and effects of the Prevent duty


With new developments and trends being introduced to the online world on a daily basis, it’s hard to keep up-to-date with what students are (and maybe shouldn’t be) looking at.

David Wright from UK Safer Internet Centre will provide a comprehensive look at the current challenges and concerns that have developed in recent years, to give insight into what to look out for when safeguarding students online. His keynote will also examine the Prevent duty and how the new guidelines may affect how you approach online safety.


monitoring systems in education


The UK government currently specifies that suitable filtering should be in place within all schools, with recent proposals of compulsory IT monitoring systems in schools from September 2016.

We look into how these monitoring systems can be used to support safeguarding and teaching staff, as well as what to look out for when implementing one.


spotting the signs

Knowing the challenges is only half the battle when approaching safeguarding issues. Emma Reid from Papyrus and Owen Jones from HOPE not hate, provide the information you need to spot the signs of vulnerability in students.

Emma Reid will provide an interactive workshop that will look into the effect of the internet on suicide risk, as well as the knowledge to aid in spotting the signs of such vulnerabilities.

Owen Jones will take a look into some of the key hate groups that are active in the UK, how schools can gain a better understanding, as well as supportive knowledge to help spot the signs of hate.


legal duty


School and college staff have a duty of care towards their students. Keeping students safe is of upmost importance to those in the education sector, but with the ever-changing technological landscape, it’s hard to keep up with the dos-and-don’ts-of-safeguarding-online.

We’ve teamed up with the expert, Hayley O’Sullivan from Browne Jacobson, who will deliver her keynote ‘Discharging your duty: the legal stance’, that will ensure that you’re up-to-date with your legal duty as an educator, as well as giving practical advice on how to implement such duties.


putting it into practice




Armed with the knowledge on what to look out for when tackling online safeguarding risks, David Wright from the UK Safer Internet Centre introduces an interactive workshop that will aid in kick-starting the development of an online safety action plan, aimed to keep students safe and away from harm to the best of our abilities.

what else?

The event also provides a great opportunity to meet with other schools to exchange and discuss your thoughts and experiences within safeguarding. Furthermore, there will also be a Q&A panel that will allow for you to get the most out of the day with any queries, suggestions or ideas you may have.

With excellent feedback from last year’s delegates, we are pleased to offer four dates and locations in our Spring 2016 line-up:

  • 14th April – London
  • 12th May – Milton Keynes
  • 8th June – Manchester
  • 16th June – Nottingham


For full details of what’s in store at the conference, click here to take a look at the agenda and book your place.