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Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-Bullying Week- how to protect vulnerable students online

14th November 2017

For the year 2016/2017, Childline reported over 24,000 counselling sessions with children about bullying. With over half of lesbian, gay and bisexual young people experiencing homophobic bullying at school and more than 16,000 young people absent from school due to bullying, it is clear why weeks such as Anti-Bullying Week are still so crucial.


In 2017 Public Health England released research from a 2014 consultation with 5,335 young people aged 11-15 years old. They found:

  • nearly 20% of 11-15 year olds reported being cyberbullied in the two months prior to being surveyed
  • girls were twice as likely as boys to report being cyberbullied
  • cyberbullying increased with age for both boys and girls
  • cyberbullying is associated with socio-economic status
  • young people from wealthy families were more likely to report being victims of cyberbullying

the effects of bullying

Victims of bullying are heartbreakingly more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression, making their lives miserable and unbearable. The torment that these young people and children suffer destroys their self-confidence, self-worth and often leaves them feeling unsafe in places that should be a secure, welcoming and positive environment. Damaging consequences on their academic progression may be a factor of bullying, but, more worryingly, it can also lead to self-harm and even suicide.

In support of this year’s theme ‘All Different, All Equal’, Anti-Bullying Week focuses on encouraging children, teachers and parents to take action against bullying, promoting what makes us unique.

anti-bullying week

Coordinated by our online safety partners the Anti-Bullying Alliance (ABA), and supported by SafeToNet, this year’s Anti-Bullying Week empowers children and young people to celebrate each other’s unique personalities, cultures, sexual preferences and backgrounds – reminding them that it really is okay to be different!

It’s important for us to help young people and children to understand that everyone has the right to feel valued and appreciated for who they are, and to be able to be themselves without the fear of being bullied. The ABA encourages educators, parents and carers to work together closely to open up the dialogue about preventing bullying and promoting what makes us ‘all different, all equal’. Test your knowledge and take our Anti-Bullying Week quiz here!

how can Impero help protect vulnerable students online?

In response to bullying prevention and Anti-Bullying Week, we have a created a video to highlight the issue of cyberbullying and how life can be different with Impero Education Pro’s online safety and bullying prevention functionality.

Chloe’s story outlines the consequences of sexting, cyberbullying and suicide – only a few of the dangers and issues that students encounter online. Impero Education Pro’s keyword libraries, however, help educators to protect students from over 15 types of categorised risk including Radicalisation, Drugs & Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders, LGBT derogatory language, Race & Religious Hatred and Grooming.

Impero Education Pro’s extensive keyword libraries detect on the latest safeguarding issues anywhere on the school’s network, including email, apps, search engines, URLs or HTML. With real-time alerts, glossary definition of terms, and screenshot and video recording evidence, Impero’s online safety functionality provides education professionals with the tools to detect on early warning signs of risk and protect vulnerable students online.

As seen throughout Chloe’s story, our anonymous reporting tool, Confide, allows students to report any trepidation’s that they may have regarding themselves or another student, to a member of staff they trust. Using the Confide tool promotes a culture of safeguarding, welcoming students to express any worries and to assure them that they are being listened to. Furthermore, staff are notified to pressing issues and trends, so that they can be addressed before they escalate, further helping to protect vulnerable students in school.


Find out more about Impero Education Pro by booking your free demo here and don’t forget to share your Anti-Bullying Week plans and activities online (@ABAonline) using #AntiBullyingWeek #AllDifferentAllEqual.

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