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Intuitive recording, monitoring and reporting of safeguarding concerns. Helping to protect children and adults from harm wherever they are. 

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Why Impero?

Impero has been working to protect the health, wellbeing and rights of children and adults to ensure they live free from abuse for over 20 years.

We are working hard to develop future proof solutions that help to simplify student safety and success. Over time we have built great relationships with organisations like the IWF, UK Council for Child Internet Safety, Anti-Bullying Alliance and Microsoft, who recently named us as one of 8 ISV Global Partner. This latest partnership will help us to accelerate innovation and deliver value to customers.

Having been through a significant period of growth we have the expertise, experience and technology to find the best solution for you and your organisation.


Introducing Impero Wellbeing

Impero Wellbeing is our all-in-one cloud safeguarding solution helping school staff monitor offline and online safeguarding concerns using keyword detection.

With Wellbeing you can take a holistic approach to safeguarding giving staff a detailed, contextual view of each student, supporting early intervention.

Impero's Online Safety Features

  • Keyword detection libraries

  • Real time captures

  • Visual reporting

  • Student pastoral history

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What to expect from Wellbeing

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Having the right online safety policies and software is critical to safeguarding students.

We work with global online safety partners and safeguarding specialists which helps us to ensure our products are future proof when it comes to safeguarding guidelines around the world.

Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) now requires schools to have an effective and appropriate monitoring solution to help protect children and young adults from online harm.

Impero Wellbeing is a holistic safeguarding solution with online safety at the core.

Holistic Safeguarding

With student lives increasingly spread across the real world and digital world, it has never been more important to consider both when assessing safeguarding concerns for early intervention.

Created with safeguarding experts, Wellbeing takes a holistic approach to online and offline student safety. With contextual information and additional insights, Wellbeing can help practitioners build a better picture of student health and wellbeing.

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Early Intervention

With Wellbeing, your team will be better equipped to identify and contextualise safeguarding concerns including incidents of peer-on-peer abuse, county lines, cyber-bullying, ill mental health, eating disorders and many other concerns.

With the powerful, keyword detection tool, you will be able to capture, record and identify early warning signs of harmful online behaviour in real-time, helping you to intervene early.

What's Next?

Our team are ready to have a chat about the features and benefits of Impero Wellbeing. We will give you a free demonstration, focusing on the features that will bring the most to your organisation.

Benefits of Wellbeing

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Keyword detection libraries

Impero Wellbeing has one of the most comprehensive keyword library index in the industry. The list contains tens of thousands of keywords developed with our global online safety partners that is updated in real-time.


  • Help identify students trying to access harmful online content.
  • Support early intervention with alerts personalised for specific students, classes, year groups or for the whole school.
  • Live monitoring of at risk learners.
  • Comply with government guidance and regulations.
  • Access to vast contextual information.

Real-time captures and alerts

When a student concern is captured, it triggers an alert which, based on severity, is sent to the appropriate member/s of teaching staff. You can set these alerts to be received immediately, a few times a day or set notifications for concerns in certain categories to alert.


  • Real-time view of student concerns, enabling early intervention.
  • One central system to allow teachers, senior leaders and safeguarding teams to review safeguarding history and coordinate an appropriate approach.
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Visual reporting

The reporting feature in Wellbeing allows you to track trends for a particular student, group of students or entire school.


  • Understand trends for students, year groups or the whole school.
  • Contextualise student browsing history.
  • Better plan for lessons, using findings to arrange training or education for staff, parents, students.

Contextual safeguarding history

"No single practitioner can have a full picture of a child's needs and circumstances." Department for Education, KCSiE 2021

Wellbeing has been created with a holistic approach in mind. This can help create a better, more detailed picture of each student. Wellbeing allows you to log all concerns in one system be that for academic, mental, physical, emotional or social.


  • Teachers and other school staff have a better picture of student health and wellbeing.
  • Intervene early, involving relevant staff, guardians or services when appropriate.
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What Our Clients Say

Douglas Pembury

Network Manager, Alderman Peel High School

"Impero picks up things that our students are typing, and any worrying websites that they are trying to access, so our student progress team can intervene where necessary."

With the keyword detection function, alerts are triggered and immediately sent with a detailed and simple overview of concerning captures to the student progress department, supporting early intervention.

Read the case study.

Alexa Munn

Head of Governance, Government of Jersey

"For us, safeguarding is paramount, and a right for each child, that we take seriously. Every child matters, so it is important for us to have the tools in place that teachers can use at their disposal and that are user friendly."

The Government of Jersey schools, Senior Leadership Teams, DSLs and E-Safety staff identified a need for a tool to help support with identifying safeguarding concerns like bullying, trolling or even suicide. The team needed software to support early interventions before situations escalated.

Read the case study.

What's Next?

Our team are ready to have a chat about the features and benefits of Impero Wellbeing. We will give you a free demonstration, focusing on the features that will bring the most to your organisation.