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Discover how Impero Connect improves remote access for retail, ATMs and ITMs

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Retail networks and devices are safer with secure remote access. Learn how NCR can partner with Impero Connect to drive efficiency, security and customer satisfaction.

3 - Technology Partnership
NCR Banking

See how Impero Connect technology reduces costs and increases efficiencies for NCR customers when included with ATMs and ITMs.

Benefits of Technology Partnership

Remote access is an important feature for smart, secure and effective retail tech, as well as ATMs and ITMs.

Some companies try to build remote access technology in-house, although it is costly and time-intensive. Considering all of the security features that are required for PCI and GDPR compliance, there's also a level of risk to building around free VNC or RDP software.

When POS machines, ATMs and ITMs are built with Impero Connect software from the ground up, they are guaranteed PCI compliant and in alignment with ever-changing industry best practices and regulatory requirements.

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1 - Remote Access Software

How Remote Access Software Improves POS Machines

Retail is a complex industry. To keep a competitive edge, it's critical to run retail operations effectively, smoothly and securely.

Technology has become the backbone of modern retail organizations, with an intricate set of networks, IoT devices, vendor ecosystems, supply chains, software and mobile applications and, of course, POS machines.

Retailers use remote access software to repair, patch, service and update a range of devices across widespread physical locations  instantly. It keeps them agile and improves customer experience.

But cybercriminals are always looking for new ways to infiltrate retail networks — turning advantages into risks. That's why it's critical to protect the business by using the most secure remote access solution available.

Security is the reason 24% of the world's top retailers choose Impero Connect for remote access, and it's the same reason Impero Connect is already built into NCR's highly secure ATMs.

POS Remote Access Capabilities

Impero Connect is the global leader in remote access in highly regulated industries. No other company can keep POS systems secure like a software company with more than 40 years of experience.

Working with strategic partners like NCR and Impero Connect has been a trusted partner in providing secure access features:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Granular vendor access permissions
  • Security roles and credentials
  • End-to-end data encryption in accordance with PCI best practices
  • Pick a good vendor, like Imperi that can guarantee compliance with PCI DSS, GDPR and other statutes
  • Simplified GDPR compliance
  • Tips for PCI DSS v4.0 compliance with remote access
  • Secure event logging and audit controls
2 - POS Remote Access capabilities
3 - Technology Partnership

Benefits of remote access technology partnership

Given how important remote access is to retail network security and efficiency, why not build that feature in-house instead of working with a partner like Impero Connect?

Some companies try, although it is costly and time-intensive to build remote access software from scratch with all the right security and authorization features needed for PCI and GDPR compliance.

Others use modified versions of VNC or RDP software.

However, hackers have consistently found ways to exploit RDP and VNC vulnerabilities. When POS devices are built with Impero Connect software from the ground up instead, they are guaranteed PCI compliant and are in alignment with ever-changing industry best practices and regulatory requirements.

How remote access software improves ATMs and ITMs

Cutting corners on cybersecurity is not an option for in the world of finance. That makes Impero Connect is the solution of choice for the world's top banks and financial institutions, especially when added to industry-leading NCR ATMs and ITMs.

But not every NCR customer adds the optional Impero Connect software, which makes it more challenging for IT departments to quickly diagnose and resolve issues from anywhere in an instant.

Securely access desktop devices, servers, ATMs and end users, while protecting your IT environment and customer data with the most robust PCI-compliant security features available.

There's a reason 42% of the world's top 50 financial institutions choose Impero Connect for secure remote access, and it's the same reason NCR and Impero are technology partners: security and efficiency always come first. Read on for more about the benefits of including Impero Connect in ATM and ITM deployments.

4 - ATM ITM remote access
5 - IT remote access benefits

Advantages of ATM Remote Access

When Impero Connect software is built into highly secure NCR ATM and ITM devices, it opens up some benefits:

  • Remotely view all ATM activity during cardholder transactions for diagnostic purposes
  • Execute hardware and software inventories and remote settlement
  • Run supervisor functions, dispenser tests, and remote scripts
  • Enable Helpdesk view of rear panel display
  • Indicate safe door status
    Communicate via TCP/IP to terminal via GUI
  • Provide input to the ATM via FDKs or PIN pad
  • View files, device error and event logs (APTRA Edge, Windows, and more)
  • Retrieve electronic journals and invoke cut-overs
  • Distribute APTRA
  • Promote campaigns

Benefits of including remote access technology

While Impero Connect is built into NCR ATMs, it is only optional for ITM customers. NCR representatives can contact us today to learn about incentives for adding remote access software to ITM deployments for customers.

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