Ulysses Unified School District 214 in Kansas Partners with Impero Software to Support its 1:1 Initiative

School district implements Impero Education Pro and Impero EdLink to manage devices both at school and at home

Austin, TX, May 8, 2019 – The Ulysses Unified School District 214 in Kansas has partnered with Impero Software, a specialist provider of remote monitoring and management software for education, to support its 1:1 program for Chromebooks and iPads.

Ulysses USD 214, a 1,700-student school district in Western Kansas, implemented Impero’s flagship product Impero Education Pro to help teachers monitor and manage students’ use of iPads and Chromebooks in the classroom. The district is also using Impero’s mobile device management solution Impero EdLink to help parents manage students’ access to certain sites after students take their school devices home.

“We needed a solution that would allow teachers to easily monitor and manage students’ use of devices in the classroom and that would work with both Chromebooks and iPads,” said Ulysses USD 214 Technology Director Dennis Gonzales. “We also wanted to make sure we had a good filtering solution that could be applied when students took the devices home. We’ve heard from other districts with 1:1 programs that once the device went home, the students were doing everything with them except homework. Impero provides the perfect solutions to meet all of these needs and has helped us ensure that our 1:1 program will be successful.”

Impero Education Pro is comprised of three core modules – EdTeach for classroom management, EdProtect for student safety and EdAdmin for network management.

The EdTeach module allows teachers to remotely view, manage and control student devices such as Chromebooks, Windows, Mac and iOS to support schools with 1:1 programs. Teachers can monitor students’ screens in real time, share content with students, and control or lock student devices to keep students focused.

The EdProtect module allows counselors, teachers or administrators to receive real-time alerts if students type or search for keywords and phrases that may indicate concerns around bullying, self-harm, suicide, mental health and more.

The EdAdmin module helps schools remotely track, monitor, and manage resources across a school network, remotely reset passwords, and set computers to power on or off at certain times.

Impero Software’s EdLink product is a mobile device management solution that allows a school district to manage and track student devices after they are off-premises. It has geo-location functionality so the district can apply certain filters and controls for the devices to be activated at certain times of day or in certain locations. The district can set up the software to activate certain features once the student takes the device off of school grounds, ensuring that the device can only be used to access specific, age-appropriate content at home.

“Providing students with devices to use both in the classroom and at home can be a great way to support teaching and learning, especially for students who might not otherwise have access to technology at home,” said Richard Fuller, CEO of Impero Software. “Ulysses USD 214 has created a robust 1:1 program that supports digital equity for students. We are pleased to be able to offer them management and monitoring solutions that can accommodate both in-school and out-of-school device use so they can get the most out of their technology initiative.”

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