Impala Bondco plc publishes bond prospectus and applies for listing of its bonds on Nasdaq Stockholm

Nottingham, 17 October 2022: Impala Bondco Plc (the “Company“) has issued a senior secured bond loan of SEK 375,000,000 on 20 October 2021, within a total framework amount of SEK 500,000,000, on the Swedish bond market. The bonds carry a floating interest rate of STIBOR 3m + 9 per cent. per annum and matures 20 October 2024.

The Company will apply for listing of the bonds on the Corporate Bond list at Nasdaq Stockholm. The bonds will be admitted to trading at Nasdaq Stockholm as soon as possible.

In connection with this, the Company has prepared a prospectus. The prospectus has been approved by, and registered with, the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority in accordance with the Financial Instruments Trading Act (1991:980). The prospectus will be available on the Financial Supervisory Authority’s website ( and on the Company’s website (