school inventory management software & hardware tracking

What is your network hiding? Impero Education Pro possess leading inventory management software features for your school computers, hardware and software.

Staying abreast of a growing software and hardware inventory list is a lengthy task. Technology in education demands software and hardware investment to support complex and changing departmental requirements. Keeping track of a seemingly growing range of equipment can make inventory management quite difficult.

When the manual and static nature of Excel spreadsheets result in incorrect or out-of-date information, how can you ensure your records are accurate? And when larger school districts or colleges make individual departments responsible for their own inventory, the process becomes disjointed.

A comprehensive network management software suite, Impero Education Pro provides automated inventory checks designed to save time for technical teams and aid efficient auditing processes. The age and state of equipment can be easily accessed through a centralized view, so it can be replaced, refreshed or removed only when necessary. Only spending when absolutely essential delivers significant cost savings for Impero customers.

key elements of Impero Education Pro’s inventory management & tracking software features:

  • produce detailed hardware and software reports for auditing
  • match serial numbers to equipment without manually checking
  • auto-update changes to inventory in real time
  • keep equipment up to date and in good condition
  • report on the performance of hardware
  • browse through each computer to view hardware and software installed
  • drill down to see exactly which computers need installation of new drivers
  • access inventory reports even when computers are switched off
  • extend the life of hardware that simply needs cleaning
  • inventory management supports smart procurement

For all the super technical information about Impero Education Pro’s inventory management software features, download the technical datasheet. Alternatively call our team today on 877-883-4370 or download a Free Trial today.



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