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Provide instant remote support, KVM control and file transfer to any device or platform.


Consolidate Management of Users Devices

Impero Connect allows you to consolidate access with one solution for supporting devices and end users across your network and across the Internet.  


Support Complex Network Environments 

Impero's proprietary remote PC access software consolidates every tool you need into a single interface – bringing KVM control, real-time screen sharing, desktop to mobile access, integrated file transfer and other features to your fingertips.


Ensure Security & Satisfy Compliance Standards

We offer the most robust security features available so you can securely access your network and devices from any location without making them vulnerable to security threats.


Drop Support Costs

Impero Connect gives you secure connectivity for supporting the widest possible array of devices - improving device uptime and end-user satisfaction - while making a positive impact on your bottom line.

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Secure Remote Desktop Management

Security is vital when it comes to remote access and creating secure connections to devices. Each remote session is fully encrypted and integrated with the Portal’s centralized roles and permissions.

The Portal provides you a comprehensive dashboard, with log files for users, devices and sessions stored in a single location. Impero also protects your business by offering granular controls, so you can grant device remote access based on IP address, location, time of day, or even at the whitelisted application level.

Since Impero offers the most secure remote access solution in market, IT admins can be confident that devices are accessible only by authorized users and groups. For an additional security layer, the Impero Portal has native multifactor authentication –or it can be integrated with your existing MFA solution.

Bringing Efficiency at a Global Scale



Security is paramount when it comes to your business, and no one takes security more seriously than we do at Impero. Our remote desktop solution offers the best security in market, so you can simplify your workflow and reduce costs without making your sensitive data and systems vulnerable to malicious attacks.



Businesses in every industry are increasing their productivity with the implementation of Impero's remote desktop software. Our software is designed specifically with compatibility in mind. Thanks to our industry-leading cross-platform support, you can access any device, running any OS, from a single, streamlined platform – anywhere in the world.


Simplicity & Efficacy

With remote desktop software it doesn't matter if your business is halfway down the block, halfway across the country, or halfway around the world. Impero lets you immediately tap into a device, make server changes, and access files as if you were physically there.

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