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Web Filtering and Secure Remote Access for Government Agencies

Conquer cyber threats and protect digital assets, from anywhere, with web filtering, security and secure remote access solutions from Impero Software.

Proactive Protection and Policy Compliance Across the Entire Threat Landscape

Your mission is clear: Protect your agency’s entire digital surface area from attack, ensure regulatory compliance, and maintain vigilant awareness against evolving external and internal threats. Impero consolidates web filtering and security-as-a-service in the cloud. So, you have the flexibility, visibility, and control to ensure policy compliance proactively and secure your network and applications regardless of user, location, or device. 

Industry Leading Solutions for Protecting Your Agency


See every action and reaction in real-time as it happens across your network and every user device, at any time, in every location. 


Stop external and internal threats while quickly enabling a Saas security service architecture endpoint and network threat detection and response (XDR). 


Strengthen security by leveraging a cloud-native security architecture for Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Multi-Layered Cyber Defense. 

Secure Remote Access for Government Agencies

Impero Connect is a powerful and versatile remote access solution that can help government agencies remotely operate, manage and troubleshoot devices and networks with enhanced security and efficiency. Our solution helps government organizations protect their sensitive data and systems from unauthorized access and malicious actors with robust security features such as: 256-bit AES encryption, granular access controls, multi-factor authentication, auditing and reporting capabilities, and data protection compliance frameworks. With multiple deployment and configuration options, Impero Connect is one of the most versatile remote access solutions on the market.  

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