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Impero Connect dashboard on various devices

Impero Connect is a remote access solution that’s purpose-built for security. Support any device or server, from desktops and smartphones to highly sensitive ATMs, POS machines, smart factory devices, and medical equipment. 

Impero Connect offers flexible deployment options for cloud, on-premises or hybrid environments. Make sure your organisation can run effectively and safely, no matter where people and devices connect. 

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Impero Connect Benefits

Remote Control software for highly secure connections.

  • Consolidate Management of Users Devices

    Consolidate access with one solution for supporting devices and end users.

  • Ensure Security & Satisfy Compliance Standards

    We offer the most robust security features available so you can securely access your network and devices from any location.

  • Support Complex Network Environments

    Impero's proprietary remote PC access software consolidates every tool you need into a single interface.

  • Drop Support Costs

    With Impero Connect you can reduce truck rolls, create fast issue resolution, and satisfy end users.



Impero Connect gives retailers and retail VARs a secure, consolidated solution for providing access to POS systems and all of the in-store technology they support - including digital signage, kiosks and mobile devices.


From retail banks to brokerage houses, financial institutions around the world rely on Impero to reduce travel costs, save time, and lower overhead when supporting end users and equipment. 


We provide remote access that can be tailored to the needs of each client with complete logging and additional security features that ensure that you control who accesses your production technology at the times and from the devices you choose.