A Comprehensive Look at Digital Safeguarding for Schools

Safer Internet Day is an important reminder for organizations to take a holistic approach to digital safeguarding. At Impero Software, we understand the importance of…

Safer Internet Day is an important reminder for organizations to take a holistic approach to digital safeguarding. At Impero Software, we understand the importance of protecting pupils online, and we are committed to supporting schools and school districts in their efforts to create a safer digital environment. 

In a world that is more and more digital, schools need to put in place robust policies and practices to protect the safety of students. Digital safeguarding involves an array of strategies, from infrastructure and technology to education and training, that ensure a safe online environment. Let’s delve into what these strategies look like in practice. 

Policies and Practices 

When it comes to digital safeguarding, one of the most important things a school can do is create comprehensive policies and practices. This should include an overarching safeguarding policy as well as specific guidelines on social media use, digital safeguarding, codes of conduct, reporting processes, and recording incidents. These policies should be shared with staff, learners, and parents so everyone knows their rights when it comes to online safety. 

Infrastructure and Technology 

Another layer of digital safeguarding includes infrastructure and technology. Schools must take steps to protect their networks by installing appropriate firewalls and malware protection software. Additionally, schools should consider filtering content on their network to block inappropriate or dangerous sites from students’ view. It may also be necessary to monitor activity across remote learning offers so that any suspicious behaviour can be identified quickly. 

Education and Training 

It is not enough for schools to have policies in place; school administrators must understand how those policies affect them personally if they are going to make the right decisions online. That’s why education and training are crucial components of digital safeguarding. Staff members should be trained on what is expected of them when it comes to online safety; likewise, learners need instruction on safe internet practices such as avoiding cyberbullying or sharing inappropriate images. Parents also need support in understanding how they can help keep their pupil safe online. All this education should also factor into any revised approach taken by the school during COVID-19 closures due to remote learning being done outside the traditional classroom setting. 

Standards & Inspection 

Finally, periodic monitoring helps ensure that all digital safeguarding measures are working properly within the school environment. Standards & inspection teams can observe how well staff members are following protocols around student safety as well as look at any reports that may have been filed regarding violatÍions of those standards or procedures related to cyberbullying or other issues related to online behaviour by pupils or staff members alike. By evaluating progress regularly, schools will be better able to identify areas where improvement might be needed for digital safeguarding goals to be achieved consistently over time. 

Digital safeguarding is an essential part of protecting pupils in today’s increasingly connected world. From developing comprehensive policies and practices around social media use through periodic inspections and ensuring protocols are followed consistently over time, schools must take a holistic approach for true success in this area to be achieved long term.  

Impero Software is dedicated to providing schools and school districts with the tools and resources they need to create a safer digital environment. Our products help schools to implement effective policies and practices, provide the necessary infrastructure and technology, and provide education and training to staff, pupils, and parents. 

Learn more about how Impero Software can support your school in creating a safer digital environment for your pupils. Book a demo with one of our friendly representatives or visit our website to find out more about our services. 

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