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Working in Arkansas

Impero Education Pro – meeting the classroom management, network management and internet safety needs of Arkansas school districts. Contact us to see how the Impero Education Pro Arkansas cooperative package can help your district.

Here at Impero we’ve been working hard to provide you with the complete package to control your network. Responding to budget restrictions, we’re delighted to offer the school districts of Arkansas a special Arkansas cooperative package for our flagship product, Impero Education Pro.

Impero Education Pro

Impero Education Pro is our flagship cloud suite, offering network management, classroom control and student safety for schools and districts. It seamlessly combines the three essential elements needed for digital learning to thrive: Impero EdAdmin for network management, Impero EdTeach for classroom management and Impero EdProtect for student online safety. Whether you’re responsible for technology, student safety and wellbeing, or you’re a teacher, Impero Education Pro offers a range of cloud-based tools in a single, seamless solution.

Impero Education Pro provides:

  • Simple web-based interface, specially designed with ease-of-use in mind
  • A range of classroom control features for Chromebooks and other devices to focus student attention and improve digital learning
  • Truly cross-platform remote monitoring and management of all devices on a school network in real time
  • Powerful cloud-based student online safety technology for identifying risks earlier, with a comprehensive capture management log and audit trail
  • Scalable cloud-based network management tools for remotely managing devices across schools and districts with detailed and customizable visual dashboard reports

Impero EdAware

Our next-generation digital student safety system, Impero EdAware, has been designed to help simplify the recording and management of student safety concerns across schools and districts. Its range of powerful tools enable the monitoring and management of student safety practices, while tracking student safety concerns in a central record.

When used alongside our student online safety module Impero EdProtect, schools and districts are empowered to adopt a holistic approach to management student safety incidents and risk indicators – whether the occur in the physical world, the digital world, or both.

Impero EdLink

A cross-platform cloud solution for mobile device management, Impero EdLink simplifies the challenging task of managing myriad devices, including Chromebooks and iPads, on a school network. A flexible cloud-based solution, Impero EdLink simplifies the configuration and management of mobile devices for technical teams and is the perfect companion to Impero Education Pro.


Arkansas Cooperative Package for Impero Education Pro

Over recent months we’ve been working closely with local Arkansas cooperatives (including Archford, Arkansas River, Crowley Ridge, Dawson, DeQueen & Mena, Great Rivers, Northcentral, Northeast, Northwest, Ozarks, South Central, Southeast, Southwest, Wilbur D. Mills and Guy Fenter), to offer the school districts in Arkansas a special Arkansas cooperative package of our flagship product, Impero Education Pro.

We, with Arkansas school districts in mind, have presented to these Arkansas cooperatives and the feedback has been used to help shape a specific Impero Education Pro package that best meets EdTech needs across the state.

To find out more about our special cooperative package, complete the form on the right.

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internet safety laws

All U.S. states have passed anti-bullying legislation, Arkansas has laws in place which includes cyberbullying. As well as requiring students to sign as computer-use agreement as part of the Official Computer Use Policy – Section 6-21-107, cyberbullying is considered a Class B misdemeanor. Senate Bill 214 Act 905 is used to establish the crime of cyberbullying, a person commits this offence when “he or she transmits, sends or posts a communication by electronic means with the purpose to frighten, coerce, intimidate, threaten, abuse, harass or alarm another person”.

As part of the internet safety features included in Impero Education Pro is keyword detection functionality including words relating to bullying. When typed these provide captures with a time-stamp and “who, what, when” information as evidence, allowing the full picture of the situation to be identified and action to be taken.

what our customers think

“I’m very impressed with the software – I can just remote into the school network and shut everything down, so we save energy and a significant amount on electricity.” Eureka Springs School District, AR

“The live thumbnail view of all devices (including Chromebooks) in one location, allows our teachers to easily keep track of what students are accessing online.” White County Central School District, AR

“It really has replaced another person on the tech side, you’re not going to hire someone for 3 years for 22 thousand dollars, and that’s what we got for less money with our three year support plan.” Blevins School District, AR

“Impero is much easier, more friendly and the controls are better than anything we use – it’s very user-friendly!” Genoa Central School District, AR

“For one of our elementary school teachers, Impero Education Pro has helped save them so much time, as they can simply log-on a generic username across all devices with the click of a few buttons – no more coming in on Sundays to set it all up!” Green Forest Schools, AR

Impero Education Pro supports compliance with CIPA, in turn helping schools/districts to access E-rate funding – yet another reason to explore our consolidated solution in more detail. If you are interested in Impero Education Pro or Impero EdLink and want to learn more, simply fill out the form above and your Arkansas Account Manager will contact you.