Secure Remote Access for Healthcare in Partnership with Siemens

Discover how Impero Connect improves remote access for healthcare devices

Siemens Remote Access
Siemens partnership

Benefits of remote access technology partnership

Remote access is an important feature for data security and efficient healthcare operations. Why not build these features in-house instead of working with a technology partner like Impero? 

Some companies try, although it is expensive and time-consuming to build remote access software from scratch. Considering all of the security features needed to achieve HIPAA compliance, there's a certain level of risk building around free VNC or RDP software.

Instead, when medical devices are built with Impero remote access software from the ground up, they are guaranteed HIPAA-compliant and are in alignment with ever-changing industry best practices and regulatory requirements. Learn more about how a provider like Siemens can benefit from partnering with Impero Connect.

How Remote Access Software Benefits Healthcare

Medical professionals rely on IT support to work efficiently and securely in hospitals, clinics, labs and other facilities. Keeping data secure is the top concern, whether remotely accessing servers, tablets, desktop computers or specialized equipment.

As telehealth has gained prominence, medical systems also rely more on third-party services and devices. Third party providers that cut corners on security often leave healthcare organizations exposed to cyberattacks - and when devices are built with remote access security flaws, the threat of data breaches and ransomware increases.

For the world's leading organizations in highly secure industries, Impero Connect is the only choice for highly secure remote access software. Increasingly, Impero is considered a top solution for healthcare networks and devices.

With Impero Connect, healthcare organizations save on time and travel costs to manage and fix devices. IT teams also appreciate devices built with Impero Connect, as they are  stable, streamlined, and secure to access and fix from anywhere.

Healthcare Remote Access
Healthcare Remote Access Capabilities

Secure Remote Access for Healthcare IT Professionals

Impero is a leading global provider of reliable, secure remote access in regulated industries that deal with sensitive data. It's why the central IT team at Siemens already has approved Impero Connect as the remote access software solution of choice.

Impero is trusted to lead and innovate on important features:

  • Provide secure remote support quickly to medical devices, servers, computers, tablets and anything else with a connection
  • Regional support for healthcare IT services: centrally manage several facilities
  • Increase uptime for critical devices so healthcare professionals and patients have the support they need when they need it
  • Securely access healthcare databases and directories while fully complying with HIPPA, PHI and ISO guidelines to safeguard patient data
  • Reduce call times for medical IT support so your team can do more with less

Benefits of healthcare remote access with Impero Connect

There are a lot of benefits to remote access in highly secure medical networks:

Save Time in Healthcare

Save Time

Connect securely and efficiently to resolve issues from anywhere. Remote access software reduces the time to diagnose and fix medical devices.

Efficiency in Healthcare

Improve Efficiency

Support complex healthcare network environments and reduce support costs with quick diagnoses and fixes.


Enhance Security

Ensure security and satisfy HIPAA compliance standards. Manage access rules with centralized authorization and authentication, making sure everyone only has the privileges they need in their roles.

Ready to Enhance Healthcare Security, Efficiency & Flexibility?