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Technical teams

You’ve got heaps of concerns to contend with: bettering the digital learning experience, tracking software, conducting general admin, tackling support requests and managing a busy network, not to mention keeping up with the latest tech – and all within budget.

As textbooks become apps and electronic exams replace the traditional paper predecessors, your technical support demands grow. When you’re not devising the operational responsibilities associated with technology in K-12 education, you’re seeking advice for the strategic use of technology. To top it off,  technical teams are always the ‘go to’ people whenever an issue arises, however big or small. It’s tiring darting between classrooms and computer labs, investigating and correcting problems for both fellow staff and students. Overall, this is unproductive, inefficient and easily avoidable using our solutions.

With so many challenges to address, how can our products help? Discover how our Impero EdAdmin module, available as part of Impero Education Pro, can help you to streamline your network.




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