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Did you know that 52% of young people in the US have reported that they have been cyberbullied and 42% of 6-17 year olds say they have been exposed to adult content while browsing online?

In our always switched-on world, it’s critical that elementary school students learn how to become good digital citizens from a young age. So, as journalists document stories of toddlers swiping their fingertips across bus stop adverts, expecting the glass to be touchscreen, it’s important that elementary schools have a digital curriculum program in place to bring learning to life.

Impero Education Pro

Is your day often spent racing between computers trying to prevent younger students from clicking pop-ups or stumbling across inappropriate content? Do your print-happy students contribute to costly paper and toner waste? And how long do you spend trying to direct 30 energetic students to a specific URL? Between lesson planning, marking books and looming assessments, and with only 24 hours in a day, you’re already spreading yourself too thinly. That’s why ensuring that your students get the most from your teaching time is so important.

The online world can open up a host of content that younger children aren’t yet old enough to understand. But why shouldn’t they be able to access resources beneficial to their learning? With the ability to manage access to websites and applications, alongside real-time monitoring, Impero Education Pro helps to keep distractions and unsuitable content at bay. At the click of a button, teachers can lock screens to focus learning or remote control any student device to solve issues. A live thumbnail view of all devices means student activity can be closely monitored in real time, while alerts of ‘flagged’ activity (with screenshot or video recording captures to provide the context), keep students focused and safe. This, along with keyword detection, including built-in keyword libraries based on a range of safeguarding issues, identifies students at potential risk, so elementary schools can provide the appropriate support.

Impero EdLink

Whether your elementary school uses school-owned mobile devices or student-owned devices – or a combination of both – Impero EdLink ensures primary schools can track, manage and monitor devices and students. Using geolocation technology, elementary schools can control device applications and settings, so different rules can be applied whether the device is inside or outside the school grounds. Controls can also be established based on the time of day or age of the students, enabling  schools to ensure that very young children have limited access, for example, while those in grades 5 or 6 have slightly greater access to age-appropriate content.

When used in conjunction with Education Pro, EdLink empowers elementary school staff to use Education Pro’s teaching and instruction tools across both student-owned and school-owned mobile devices, so that you can ensure students remain focused and safe using mobile devices to enhance learning.

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